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‘My father will always want you to be your best’ – Billionaire’s son, Demola Adedoyin votes for movie making

Demola Adedoyin is the handsome son of billionaire business man, Chief Samuel Adedoyin. He came into limelight in Kunle Afolayan’s October 1. Since his debut in the movie industry, the talented dude has not looked back. ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with him on his sojourn in the movie industry.


How will you say the year has been for you career wise?

It has been good. I had a film called Couple of days by Tolu Totana, it came out in February. It had a good cinema run. It broke a lot of record, sold out the first week. It got a lot of reception and of course, the film that brought me to limelight October 1, got another nomination for an award in Atlanta, USA. It was nominated for best film again two years later.

My plan for the year is to try and create my own content. I want to be a director eventually, I want to start with short films.

How long have you been into action?

About three years.

Can you tell us the films you featured in before October 1?

It was a short film in the UK. It was meant to give me experience. I did that in the U.K when I went for my masters. October 1 was my first big project.

Why the desire to go into acting, one would have though you will follow your dad’s footsteps?

I am an artistic person. He is more of a scientific person. He has had his life. He did well at what he did but we are not born the same way. I have a little bit of him and more of myself. I have my own plans too.

Do you have a degree in Theatre Art?

Not really, I studied business for my first degree, media and communication for the second degree. But I did a film course in directing. It was about two months training in film directing, film production and digital at Centre Film School, London. I don’t have training as an actor but training as a director.

Should we expect to see more of you in Nigeria movies?

Definitely, I am home, I am here now. I didn’t grow up abroad, I spent 10 years over there and I am back now.

1-34Tell us about your background?

I schooled in Corona, Victoria Island, Adesoye College, Offa, Kwara State. Then, I travelled abroad.

Tell us about your movie?

It was a promotional film for a luxury real estate company, we had Joseph Benjamin as one of the cast. The film was not for general release. We made it for a client.

Why do you want to pitch your tent in directing?

Actors come and go but a director is with the film from the point of the idea till the end. I like that. I also like the leadership aspect of it, the development aspect of it. You can create something from what does not exist and make it real. I love that. It is amazing.

Do you have a script you are working on now?

Yes, I do.

Is it possible for us to know about it?

Not yet. We are still in the very early stages. Anything can still happen between now and then. If someone brings me a script, I might take the job.

Who are your role models in the industry?

In the industry, Sadiq Daba, I know him personally. I know he is a great person. I have spent a lot of time with him. He didn’t give up. It is easy to give up the art. He didn’t give up. After all these years, he is still into it. That is impressive to me. I love the fact that he has stayed long in the act and he is still strong.

How much influence of your dad has contributed to who you are?

May be 60 percent. He is a hard guy. He wants you to be your best. What is okay to others is not okay with him. You have to be the best.

Will you say his name has opened doors for you?

Not really. I think it has made it more difficult. People think you are okay. People think you don’t need help. You don’t need to be paid even if you work with them because they feel you are just okay. Your dad is wealthy, he is there for you all the time. They believe you don’t need help of any kind from anybody.

Funny enough, my dad has told me I am on my own. That’s it. He gave me his blessing and said, I was on my own.

What was his reaction when you told him you are going into acting?

I didn’t tell him.


He wouldn’t have agreed.

What exactly did he want you to do?

Work with him, of course, or even maybe something more professional, the law, medicine.

I guess he would have watched October 1 or heard about it, has he?

Yes, he has. That helped him see. The success of the movie made him realise, I got to know that so many people were interested in the movie. He thought, maybe there is value in it after all.

Has he started encouraging you about your acting career then?

He always encourages me. He just doesn’t drop on that aspect. He tells me to be the best I can be at everything I do.

What are some of the challenges you are facing or you think is peculiar to the industry?

We are still growing in the industry. We are not yet making amazing movies, but we are getting better and better by the day. That is what gives me hope. In terms of challenges, I think we should just keep doing better because we are not there yet.

Do you see yourself quitting acting one day and follow your dad’s footsteps?

Anything is possible. My mind is open, my heart is open. I have a lot of different kinds of training. I have worked for my father before. So, I know how certain aspect of the business functions especially the real estate aspect of what we do. I think anything is possible.

What dictates the roles you play?

Nothing really. I just need to be more than myself. People, who are different from myself.


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