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Nigerians in shock over Chukwuemaka Okafor’s alleged attempt to use father, siblings and five friends for rituals

When the news of Chukwuemeka Okafor’s alleged attempt to use his father, two siblings and five friends for ritual broke, Nigerians couldn’t fathom what would have led to such a callous and wicked love for money. And tongues have not stopped wagging since then. also spoke with Nigerians about his ungodly act, lessons learnt and advise to parents…


Tosin Alade

Chukwuemaka should be disowned apart from handing him over to the authorities because if he had succeeded, he would have destroyed a whole family or even a lineage. The act is calamitous, unspeakable and worrisome. He should be extradited

No matter the situation in the country, he shouldn’t think to that extent.

One of the lessons learnt is that one should be careful with your children, especially during this hard times. It shows nobody should be trusted.

I will advise parents to monitor their children, make sure they are tutored in the way of the lord. They should know that holding unto God is the best. Teach them contentment, keep them away from suspicious friends because this things starts as a result of peer pressure.


Segun Ibitola

He is a disgrace to humanity. It was better for him not to be born than to behave in an insane manner. He is a disgrace to his family and humanity at large.

No one should be trusted really. One should be sensitive to one’s environment.

I will advise parents to raise children in the way of God. Teach them at an early stage that family is important. Money should not take the place of family and love should define all we do. Let them know the love of money is the root of all evils.


Chukwudi Onah

Such a child should be handed over to the authorities and his community. He is a disgrace to his family and the nation.

One should be contended with whatever one has. We should also learn hard work because there is no shortcuts to greatness.

I will advise parents to train their children well. Your children should be your friends, let them open up to you. They should also learn hard work from you. Once they see you working hard, it would be difficult to for them to join bad gang.


Uche Ganika

Such a child should be disowned and reported to the police. Just imagine, his dad already gave him money to start a business, it is unfortunate that he is perverse. I am ashamed that he is Igbo. I believe he would be charged to court, he should face the consequences of his action. If a father could help a 26 year old man with that amount of money, it shows he was a good father to that guy, an irresponsible father would care less.

Trust no one, even your blood brother. Move close to God. I believe it was just God that saved that innocent man, he shouldn’t stop serving God.

Train your children. Though a child that wants to be perverse would be irrespective of the training.

Watch who your children move with, teach them contentment, teach them hard work.


Iyiola Joel

It is such a wicked and callous world, for a man of his age to imagine such mischievous thing. Anyway, the Bible says the heart of man is desperately wicked. His father should forgive him but disown him. He can plan something worse later on in life.

It is a lesson to us all. We should continually pray for our children, it is not just enough to train them.

It shows that it is truly a wicked world. Watch who you move with.

Parents should emphasise to their children that there is no substitute for hard work, they  should also learn contentment.


Mary Abimbola

The boy must be insane, he should first be subjected to psychological treatment then handed over to the authorities. He should also be extradited from his community. He is a callous human being driven by the love of money. His father should also place him at arms length, for he is truly a disgrace. The man doing concoction for him should also be arrested and charged to court.

Trust no one, it is no surprise. Mothers use their children for ritual. A mother once cut off the tongue of his grand child, so it is really a wicked world.

Parents should be careful, even children. A foolish father can do such to his children as well.

We need to emphasize contentment and hard work to our children as the only means of survival.


Onyinye Bola

What a wicked and God forsaken child, a total ingrate and callous human being. Despite his father’s efforts, he still allowed the devil to use him. He is not fit to be a human being. He should be awarded capital punishment for the consequences of his actions are grave.

One should just be prayerful and watchful, sleep with only one eye closed.

Teach your children so they can give you rest.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for 


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