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Nigerians react to #freeEvans movement

A couple of days back, #FreeEvansmovement set the social media on fire, with lots of Nigerians agitating for kingpin Chukwudumeje Onwuamadike aka Evans’ freedom.
However, many are against it, calling it callious and uncalled for, here are some a of the trending reactions about the movement.

We live in a country where some are beginning to feel sympathy for Evans the kidnapper. All of you are mad. Kidnappers deserve no mercy.

Every body partaking in #freeevans may kidnappers locate you.. Ya’l are mad. Evans destroyed families in Festac… My goodness.

He needs to be killed by firing squad on live TV… along with his wife…His kids should be taken into custody and rehabs. #FreeEvans my foot. Seeing #FreeEvans on my TL says a whole lot about this generation….
Reasons why we can never be tomorrow’s leaders…. Mad peeps

Evans family lives in Canada but u live in a room and parlour with you parent and siblings and u are here shouting #freeevans. Ori e ti daru

#freeevans To forgive the kidnapper is up to God, but to send Evans to see God is our duty as a law in Nigeria.

l am in total support of the #freeEvans movement. The fastest way to free him is for the authorities to send him to death.
What is wrong with my country, why #freeEvans trending, may kidnappers locate people that agitating for Evans freedom.

If the freedom Evans hashtag is not about Johnny Evans failed to move to Arsenal, then whoever supports this
trend should be arrested.



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