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Older couples on how to have lasting marriages

With the high rate of divorce in the country, a lot of people still wonder if marriage is still fashionable. They wonder if marriage can still stand the test of time. spoke with happily married couples about this and more… 


Mrs. Daniels

Is marriage still fashionable?

Yes, it is. It is one of the institutions that God created. A man shall leave his father and mother and become one flesh with his wife. It is a command from God.

Why is divorce rate high?

It is just unfortunate. When a man meets a woman, it is not about the mundane things or physical appearance but most marriages are based on that. This life is also not about money. There are people who are rich and are not happy, it is all about the two individuals.

Communication is another challenge; lack of trust is also another major issue. When I was about getting married, I made some covenants with God, that has helped me stick through thick and thin.

The wedding band is just a fashion item, there must be trust and contentment in it. Some spouses compare their partners and families with another, which is very wrong.

What can be done to sustain marriage? 

Marriage should be dedicated to God, God is the only one that can do it. There’s a lot of greed out there. One should be satisfied and contented.


Mr. Akanbi

Yes, it is. It is honourable as well, it is what the bible says. It is the law from God. He says whosoever findeth a wife, findeth good things and obtains favour from the Lord.

Our first father Adam needed a woman and God gave him a wife. God created a woman out of his ribs to support him and assist him.

The major reason is because they married the wrong wife or husband, you cannot put a square peg in a round hole. If you get it wrong from the beginning, things would go wrong. You must pray and seek the face of God before taking that step. There must be communication and ability to listen carefully while communication is going on.

There must be contentment, submissiveness, accept whatever your spouse gives you.

There is a way to correct each other. The wife no matter who you are, your age and financial status, submit to your husband. Husband should love his wife. Once you break the law, there would be communication breakdown which can lead to divorce. Couples should be able to control their temper.

There’s also the influence of friends. The woman should make friends with the right people, likewise the husband. They should watch who they make friends with.


Mr. Akeem

Yes, it is fashionable and it will continue to be. It is one of the oldest institutions in the world. It is corroborated in the Bible, the Quran and even as a Muslim, Prophet Muhammad said if you are married, you have completed half of your faith.

You cannot see a head of state without a wife.

It is a prostitute that would leave her marriage and go to the street to say marriage is not fashionable. Men will always be men. They would go out but women should be able to contain the excesses of their husbands.

There is no way you can treat marriage without hiccup. We are not all the same. Combining as two is difficult.

Some women are always at logger heads with their husbands. They would always not submit.

People cannot overlook issues as well. They should learn to tolerate each other.

Apart from putting God first, you need to trust each other, have confidence in your spouse, believe in him or her, avoid suspicion of any kind.

Too much suspicion can break a home.

As a man, be responsible. Act your part, always learn to be around your family. Let your children and your spouse feel you being around. Don’t be an absentee husband.






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