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‘Paraga’ hawkers over-run Lagos (2) – ‘Our drinks are medicinal, even big men patronize us’


In Nigeria, the increased popularity and sale of local enhancement drinks like opa eyin, jedi, burantashi, among others, have become a major trend. In Lagos, more women have joined the sale of paraga as they can be seen virtually on every street hawking or running a paraga joint. Meanwhile, their customers are not restricted to commercial bus drivers and conductors alone. Paraga consumption is popular with both young and old, men and women. The emotional attachment customers of the numerous paraga drink have for the product can’t be quantified as many believe it’s the best sexual enhancement drink to take.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to women who are into the sales of paraga on the street of Lagos and they revealed the popular brands of paraga people buy, what they do to the body and their target audience.



Customers that take my local concoction have a thousand and one reasons why they can’t do without my concoction even for a day. My concoction gives strength, boosts man power, reduces stress and induces more sleep, especially at night. What I sell here is medicinal. It flushes out all sorts of ailment in the body. With just N100, you can get a shot of jedi, aleko, afato, opa-eyin, monkey-tail, awopa and others depending on your order. Before now, people, especially the educated ones see paraga as a poison that should not be sold. But they got it all wrong even those saying such are the ones consuming it the most. Every member of the society, especially those who have low sperm count patronize us more, either educated or not.



In Nigeria today, men and women are largely mindful of their sex drive. This is why you see a whole lot of them patronising us to improve their prowess in bed. Most of the concoctions that I have here are for general body treatment and sexual boost. It all depends on what my customers want. I have ale, afato, opa-eyin, tanko-tanko, ogbolo (draw), gboin-gboin, and many others. The most popular one that I have here is Jedi. Many of my customers believe jedi-jedi is the cause of their poor sexual performance. So, once they come here to have a shot of my jedi concoction, their system becomes cleaner and they are able to perform better in bed.



I inherited this business from my parents. People believe in my concoctions because their work is immediate. I have concoction that treats sexual disorders such as low sperm count, watery sperm, low libido, weak erection, premature ejaculation and impotence. I also have the one that works for the general body treatment. They are less expensive compared to medicines that we purchase in pharmacies. With just N50 – N100, you can get yourself treated locally with my concoction. They are medicines made with herbs. Many people don’t believe herbs can cure sexual disorders, but those who have tried my concoction testify to that.



JEDI – Antidote for pile, excessive sugar in the body.

ALEKO – It works against weak ejaculation, erection and stamina.

DONGONYARO – It kills harmful cells in the body. It also works as anti-malaria and cleanses the body system.

MONKEY TAIL (Nokia) – It is made from soaking ground leaves or seeds of marijuana/Indian hemp with local gin. The mixture is  then left for some days to ferment before it is filtered and sold. It works for the general body system.

AFATO – Natural treatment for male and female infertility. It increases male sperm quality.

OPA EYIN – Local sexual enhancer.

SOBONTONE – For sexual enhancement.

DONKRIYAN – Sexual enhancement for male and female.

BURUNMO – Sexual enhancement.

AWOPA –   For general body treatment.

WASHING AND SETTING – For the treatment of Jedi and typhoid fever

KARAOLE – For general body strength and sexual performance.

TUROBOYE – For men who love to have many rounds of sex.

FRADEIYI – This is meant for female activeness in bed.



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