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When last we made stew – Nigeria women

Recession has eaten so deep into Nigerians’ finances that a lot of families find it difficult to make stew as is the custom. sampled opinions of housewives to know when last they made stew in their house…



I can’t even remember that. It is what we see that we eat. Since recession started, I only make concoction. Ewedu and okro , Okro and ogbono. Those are the soups we have been eating. To make a pot of soup would take a lot of money that I cannot manage to buy food at home.



That is like gold now. Maybe January, I got a bonus at my place of work and we made stew. Since then, I have not been able to again.  Not that I don’t want to make it, there is no money to do that. Making stew is a luxury in present day Nigeria now.



I made stew last in February. Early February or thereabouts. My husband gave me N4,000. And it did not last for more than two days. We are just managing.  I don’t have an idea of when I would be able to make another one again. My salary is not constant again. Even if it is, there are so many things to cater for.



Last year December was when I made stew last. It was during Christmas, just for the children to have a feel of festivity. Since then, it has been concoction. I just mix whatever is available and I give it to the children. Thank God they don’t complain.  We will continue to manage till recession is over.



I have not made stew in the last three months. I have not bought chicken and iced fish as well. We cook just dry fish, make okro or ewedu and we eat. Sometimes, I blend tomatoes and put the dry fish in it.



I made stew last week. Though it is not the usual thing I normally make, but it was better than nothing. I bought fish and Ponmo with tomatoes and pepper,  I couldn’t even grind it outside,  I had to use my blender in order to reduce expenses.



I have not made soup in the last five months. I rather divert the money for stew and use it to stock the house with food. Most households that I know don’t make stew again because it has become a luxury. Using N8,000 to make stew that would not last more than four days is terrible.



I made stew at the beginning of the year. We did that to welcome the new year. Since then, I have not been able to afford another one. Now, it is what I see that we eat.



I made stew last in January.  Everybody is just managing in Nigeria now. We eat what is available and what we can afford.



God has been faithful.  I make stew every week.  It is only the content and quantity that has changed.  I make ponmo most times, I use fish once a while.  I don’t grind in the market again, I would rather use my blender at home.



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