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Battle of the century: 9ICE tears Ruggedman apart

9ICE raps, “I Want To Give A Very Dear Friend The Best Birthday Present Ever In His Entire Life”

Ruggedman says, “I feel so honoured he’s doing me this song.”

Things were okay between both musicians until 9ice released an album entitled, “Once bitten,” where he sang about a lover being caught with a friend. Rumour peddlers did justice to this song and insinuated that the friend the crooner sang about was Ruggedman while the lover was his wife, Toni Payne.

Toni Payne and Ruggedman used all the medium they could to address this ‘untrue’ story but 9ice kept mum and irked by his silence Ruggedman did a phone interview with 9ice where he cleared the air. This move did not go down well with 9ice who is still having a running battle with his wife, Toni Payne. As a birthday present for Ruggedman, 9ice will release an album laced with venom dissing Ruggedman. The song which is a mixture of Yoruba/English is done with Seriki and is entitled, “Talk, I am listening.” This album is not guess work.  ENCOMIUM sources who were at the video shoot in London on Sunday, September 5, 2010 say this, “9ice called Ruggedman’s name in the song, he called Ugochukwu Stevens and hits on Ruggedman still squatting with his mother, drives around his brother’s cars and pretends it belongs to him.  That song if released on September 20, will cause a lot of commotion and there is no way Ruggedman will keep quiet after hearing it. This is about to be the biggest beef ever.”

Abolore akande had this on his twitter page: “I Want To Give A Very Dear Friend The Best Birthday Present Ever In His Entire Life. Come 20th Of This Month.” Some lyrics from the song include, ”Seriki omo oo, calm down September 20 talk, I am listening, talk I am reading it, Iwofa lenu oun toba welenu kofenu e so, Adigun mon sa’ye mi lo, Seriki bu Rugged, kole so pe ko nice awon ko lo bu to ti rise ah no be Rugged wey dey straf him dancer awo pe ko le pe ko le ro tim ba so pe Steven, ke so pe Keshi tim ba so pe Rugged ke so pe osi Steven Keshi, Rugged oshi you know t-boy abi? You wan spoil their garri abi? Bastard, bastarrrd…” Ruggedman was contacted asked if he had any knowledge about the forthcoming birthday surprise and he had this to say, “I hear 9ice is releasing his album on my birthday and I feel honoured and wish him luck, I will also help him hype it too.  I already hyped it a while back on twitter when I heard of his surprise gift for me.”  Couldn’t 9ice have been the bigger man and moved on?  Please as you read this, make a date with September 20th but if you do not have enough patience, then log on to www.notjustok.com where you will find a small version of the song uploaded for your listening pleasure!





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