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‘I have succeeded in putting my name in Nigeria’s entertainment history book’ – Ruggedman

Veteran rapper, Michael Stephen Ugochukwu famously called Ruggedman founded the Twentieth September Wears TSW which was named after his birthday.

In an Interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, The United Nations Peace Ambassador talked about the success of his rap music, clothing line, love life and other sundry issues.


It’s the second quarter of the year, what are you plans for the rest of 2016?

My plans are to drop new videos, new music, new clothes from my Twentieth September Wears clothing line and the Ruggedman concert.

What have you been up to?

I have been shooting videos for my track 8 Figures TSW remix featuring Ice Prince and a few other tracks I do not want to mention just yet, so as not to let the cat out of the bag.

I have also been recording new music and creating new designs for my next set of shirts for my Twentieth September Wears clothing line.

Aside music, what other business do you do?

I run my clothing line, record label Rugged Records, I host TV shows, compere events, do a lot of social work tied to my being a United Nations peace ambassador and I have some business I still do on the side.

Can you tell us about your clothing line?

My clothing line is named after my birthday. It is Twentieth September Wears and is an urban clothing line. We are more into ready to wear T-shirts, snapbacks, hoodies, varsity jackets and even water bottles. More apparels will be introduced into the line as time goes on. TSW tops have been spotted in countries like America, China, Tanzania and Saudi Arabia on different people proudly rocking them. The designs are great, the fabrics amazingly high quality.

2face and Annie Idibia, Peter of PSquare, MI, Super Eagles Aaron Samuel, IK and Sonia Ogbonna, Jude Okoye, Monalisa Chinda, Reminisce, Tanzania’s Feza have all been seen wearing TSW tops at different times. The line is something I have been working on for some years. It was a dream as far back as 2004, because some of the t-shirts used in my Baraje and Peace or War videos were customized Ruggedman shirts. A big shout out to Sojo who is the first known young Nigerian to start t-shirt making. He made me realise my dream could become a reality.

We officially kicked off sales from top online stores at the end of 2014. On September 20, 2015, I saw the unveiling of new designs for the line. The same will most likely happen September 20, 2016, by Gods grace.

Now you can order the shirts from major Nigerian online stores and we intend to expand to other countries gradually.

What inspires your kind of rap?

My rap/music is inspired by everything around me.

What should music lovers look forward to from Ruggedman this year?

They have already started feeling what I have in store for them in 2016. My most recent release titled Seyi Shay and features Olamide is doing really well. We are already making plans to shoot the video and I already shot the video for another song I featured Ice Prince. It is the 8Figures TSW Remix. There are already new songs featuring Solidstar, Oritse Femi, 2face and more.

What’s your take about the Nigeria Music industry, will you say it’s growing?

Yes o, the music industry is growing. Apart from more companies coming in to work with and endorse artists, the audio and video quality of Nigerian artists materials has improved tremendously.

The increase in number of international collaborations is also another sign of great improvement.

What’s your greatest asset?

God is my greatest asset. Government officials do not disclose their own, you now expect me to?

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Would you say you are fulfilled with what you have become today?

I believe I have succeeded in putting my name in the Nigerian music/entertainment history books, but will strive to do more.

What have been your greatest challenges?

I do not see challenges, I see things that need to be done and I am working on doing them successfully and moving on to the next.

If you are to do a collabo with a young artiste in the industry, who would that be?

I have already done a couple of collabos with some of the young artists (laughs).

Let’s talk about your love life, have you found love?

A few times but I am hoping on the one that will last a long time.

When are you planning on getting married?

As soon as I am set you will know, but to be honest you might find out after (laughs).

What do you look out for in a woman?

Her carriage, sense of humour, nice personality and sense of responsibility. Someone once asked me what female physical attribute I preferred, my answer was ” once I connect with the woman I am ok with whatever physical attributes she has. Be they small or large”.

What’s your relationship with 9ice today?

We are cool.

How do you spend your leisure period?

I read, watch movies. Play and watch soccer or disturb the internet via my twitter and instagram handles @Ruggedybaba and @Tswbyruggedman.




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