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+Drops Ruggedy Baba Pt 2  

Michael Stephen Ugochukwu otherwise known as Ruggedman is a famous controversial Nigerian rapper, who has rocked the industry for more than a decade. He is rich (to some extent), handsome and has been linked romantically with pretty ladies within and outside the industry, yet the Abia State born afro-hip-hop artiste is not married!

Many of his fans however wondered why Ruggedman, who is in his late 30s, find it difficult to settle down with his ideal woman. But Ruggedy Baba, as he’s popularly called quickly replied in an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Wednesday, May 9, 2012.

He didn’t only speak about what’s delaying his marriage, Ruggedman also opened up on his new singles, Ruggedy Baba Part 2 featuring Brymo and Praise, Worship, Gbedu, featuring Terry Gzus?


Let’s start with your latest hit single, Ruggedy Baba Part 2?

Ruggedy Baba featuring Brymo is a club banger. It’s a single of an album in progress. I thought it was time to drop a track for the clubs and at the same time, for the streets.

You featured your estranged friend, 9ice, in the Part 1, why did you go for Brymo for the part 2?

Brymo is a new artiste who has serious prospects to be the next big thing in the R n’ B genre. The world saw what he did in Oleku and Ara. I am very sure they will love to hear him singing in Ruggedy Baba Part 2. The song is produced by Mad Blaze and mixed and mastered by Indo Mix.

But there is a rumour that you’ve reconciled with 9ice and you’re featuring him in one of your songs?

That’s not true. In fact, I don’t know where the rumour is coming from but I want to say that there’s no such thing happening.

So, what’s your relationship with your estranged friend now?

As for the relationship with 9ice, all I have done is to put some distance between him and myself. I don’t need any more of that type of drama.

Which other artistes are you working with?

I am also working with Terry Gzus. He’s someone I have always wanted to work with. When one of my producers called Reflex sent me the beat for the song, I knew it was Terry G I needed for the song. We hooked up in Ginger Studio and it was fun recording the song. The song is so good that though we just put out Ruggedy Baba Part 2, we were tempted to throw it out too.

Many of your colleagues are getting married and a lot of people are expecting you to follow suit. So, when are you getting married?

I will get married when it’s time for me to do so. People should leave my private life and concentrate on my music. I appreciate their concern but believe me, I am more concerned about it than they are.

What then is keeping you waiting?

Marriage is not a fashion statement. It’s till death do us apart. So, I am not desperate to marry. I believe that God’s time is the best.

You’ve been romantically linked with different ladies. Who exactly is the lucky, woman now?

Lucky woman? No o.

What are the qualities you look out for in you type of lady?

I like a woman with a good head on her shoulders, good sense of humour.   She should understand, accept and support what I do. She does not have to be Miss World but I won’t mind if she’s Miss Nieria (smiles).

There is insuination that NB Plc has finally abandoned you for Tinsel actor, Gideon Okeke, judging from the just concluded Star Quest. How true is it?

To start with, Djinee did it for 3 years before I came on board, 2011 and my third year and Gideon came on board so, it’s not the matter of abandonment because Nigerian Breweries Plc don’t’ abandon people. I did it for three years and a new person came in, just like I did after Djinee. So, you see, why I said that NB Plc do not abandon people.

What then is your relationship with the brand now?

My relationship with them is the same as it has always been great. I have worked with them since 2005 till date. I am practically a family of Nigerian Breweries Plc.



This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, May 15, 2012



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