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‘I can’t wait to dance with Seyi Shay’ -Ruggedman

Michael Stephen Ugochukwu. Otherwise known as Ruggedman is a famous Nigerian rapper who has rocked the music industry for more than a decade.

In an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, he talked about his new single, his clothing line, Seyi Shay and more…


How was last year for you, the high and lows of the year?

Seyi Shay

Seyi Shay

Last year was great for me. I concentrated on and really pushed my Twentieth September Wears clothing line. The low for me was because I really did not do much music as Ruggedman, while my high was the fact that I was still hitting the studios recording songs with Olamide, 2Face, Solidstar, Oritsefemi and more.

Did you meet your target?

Yes I did, because the clothing line has really picked up and is spreading. Sales and visibility is increasing.

What inspired the song?

Seyi Shay inspired the song because I love the way she dances and can’t wait to see her dance to this track and also dance with her.

Why did you decide to feature Olamide on the song?

Olamide is one of the hottest Nigerian artistes now and he is good at what he does. I needed a rapper with those two features and the beat is along his line.

Rumours have it that you have a crush on Seyi Shay, what’s your reaction?

Rumours will be what they are, rumours. Until there is proof.

When should your fans expect an album from you?

This year 2016. The date has not been picked yet.

How is your business, what new things are you adding to your career?

The business is doing great and I am happy when I see people rocking clothes I designed. Not just wearing them at home but proudly wearing them out. I went all out to make sure the designs and fabrics are top notch. People really appreciate them. Even Solidstar’s T-shirts were manufactured by Twentieth September Wears.

When is Ruggedman getting married?

When he does .

What does love mean to you?

Love is that thing that makes you go out of your way for another person. It makes you see and accept your partner’s faults and want them all the same.

Tell us about your most memorable Valentine?

It was one I spent loads of money getting gifts and over 50 cards for a girl and all she gave me back were the words “you shouldn’t have”. She didn’t even have a single card for me. I guess, I was into her more than she was into me. It hurt but that’s life. She is into movies now.

Where and how are you celebrating this year’s Valentine?

I have not decided yet.




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