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Does penis size matter? Women reveal intimate love making details

One wonders if the size of a man’s manhood really matters in love making. Encomium Weekly sampled opinion of ladies on this and more…

I think the size is important. There are guys with extra short penis. I don’t know how they can thrust into a woman. Such men can never satisfy a woman, no matter how much they try to. I have not dated a man with a small penis, I can’t even date such.

I don’t think so. Really if a woman is still tight, she should derive pleasure in the man irrespective of the size of his organ. I have not really paid attention to that. I have not dated a lot of men, really so I can’t tell.

It does matter a lot. It shouldn’t be too big because sex would no longer be pleasurable again. But if it is just a medium one, it is the best. I have only dated men with medium size organ.

It matters a lot but some women prefer the big and long one just for satisfaction. I believe those women have big vaginia and strength to go through all those process. I have dated a guy with extra size and I didn’t enjoy it one bit. It was one of the reasons we broke up. He likes sex and his organ is just too big.

Yes, it is important. Just as size is important to men, I have friends that run away from women with extra loose vagina because they don’t enjoy having sex with them. I don’t go for what is more than me.

I don’t really know. I have never dated men with extra big or extra small, so I don’t really know the difference. I have only dated one man in my life and his organ is just okay for me, I can’t really say.

I think so. Why will you go for someone that would leave you in pains after meeting him? Is it not better to go for your size? I don’t know, I have not sampled enough to compare their sizes.

It all depends on the individual. I know some ladies that crave for the extra size, while some are satisfied with just the medium size. It is all about our choices. Maybe I have not because I don’t know what the extra size looks like.

Size matters a lot. How will I date or marry a guy with an extra size, the extra would not turn to money. Medium size is good and it should be okay for any lady. I have not dated a man with an extra size.

Even in lslam, you are not permitted to marry a man with short penis because he will not be able to satisfy his woman. I have not dated a man with a short penis before.

It matters a lot. What every woman can handle differs according to their choice. No, I have not, just the average guy.




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