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Fresh controversy trails Ooni’s selection -Giesi family disown Prince Adedoyin

-Rubbishes aspiration of Aderemi’s lineage

The royal house to produce the next Ooni of Ife, Giesi, has dissociated self from the statement credited to one of the princes eyeing the revered stool, Dr Ramon Adedoyin in a publication by one of the dailies a couple of days back that he has been unanimously endorsed by the family to succeed the late Ooni, Oba Okunade Sijuwade.

The family described Adedoyin’s claim as not only false but misleading. Not only that, he was also said not to be one of the descendants of Giesi which has denied him the right to lay claim to the throne at the moment.

Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Friday, August 28, 2015, after rising from the family’s crucial meeting in Ile Ife, a prominent member of the dynasty, Larooka of Wankin, Oba Adewale Ojutalayo described Adedoyin’s action as nothing but mere desperation. He therefore called on the entire Ife residents and the general public to disregard the claim as it’s totally misleading and mischievous. He added that the proprietor of The Polytechnic, Adedoyin, doesn’t even belong to the family.

“What we’re seeing now are signs of desperation on the part of some aspirants to the throne of Ooni.

“Giesi is a very organized and careful family. The family will not endorse any aspirant ahead of receiving the letter of invitation from the state government to forward the recommended aspirant or aspirants to the king -makers. Suffice it to say that aspirants are still sending in their letters of intent to the special committee set up by Giesi Royal House. So, Adedoyin’s claim is false, misleading and mischievous.

“To put the record straight, he is not a member of our family. I am not disputing the fact that he is also a prince that’s entitled to the throne but not now. Even two of his brothers who attended our meeting today left in shame when they couldn’t trace their lineage to Giesi. So, it’s ambiguous and no claim can subvert the custom and tradition of selecting Ooni of Ife. People shouldn’t be misled by such claims as they are nothing but false.”

Also reacting to the claim of the son of late Oba Adesoji Aderemi, Prince Adelowo Aderemi that rotation doesn’t exist when it comes to the stool of Ooni as he and any descendant of his late father are as well qualified to vie for the throne now, Oba Ojutalayo said, “That’s not true. I think that’s how far he understands the situation, but his statement lacks logic. If for 85 years, their father, Oba Adesoji Aderemi of blessed memory had ruled Ife Kingdom for 50 years, is it logical to say any of his children or grand children will now ascend the throne after Oba Okunade Sijuwade? I believe he doesn’t understand the point he’s trying to establish. He can’t rewrite history for us. It’s the turn of Giesi to produce the next Ooni, and that’s what we’re working towards at the moment”.

One of the kingmakers who spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly anonymously on the issue said, “We’re yet to be briefed on the matter by Giesi Family on the outcome of their screening. So, there is nothing any kingmaker can tell you at the moment on it. Everything is still within family level now. So, when it’s time, we will play our role.”



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