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How to keep your vagina clean and sweet smelling (3)

The vagina is a very delicate part of a woman, so it should be treated thus by frequent washing and healthy hygiene. spoke with ladies on how they keep their vagina clean and sweet smelling…


Chineye Okpara

I wash regularly, I eat right, I take more fruits and I ensure I keep the place dry. I know that bacteria likes wet place. I clean up well after using the toilet.


Kafayat Momoh

I wash with unscented soap or intimate wash with neutral PH value. I also allow my vagina to breath every night by going pant less before going to bed.


Juliet Aguda

I wash with warm water every time I have the opportunity. I also use baby wipes after every trip to the toilet. I have good sex habit – no multiple sex partners, no unprotected sex because of diseases.


Blessed Charles

Apart from regular washing with water, I eat right, I take more of fruits than food. I have been told, what I consume would reflect there as well. I go for treatment if I notice anything strange over there.


Bola Bolatiwa

There is something my mom taught me while I was growing up: I usually dip a tampon in unsweetened yoghurt and insert it in my vagina for an hour. I would wash after removing it. It helps kill bad bacteria and helps the good bacteria. I do that once every month.


Wunmi Bello

I drink more of water than soft drinks, it flushes out toxins that makes the place stink. I also wash my vagina regularly as well.


Ayo Olayinka

I avoid coffee because I have noticed that it makes my pee stink which can affect my vagina. I also wash it regularly and drink water a lot. Generally, I have good health habits.


Daisy Balogun

I sleep well because it helps improves my body immunity and fights infection which can cause vagina diseases. I wash regularly and give it a breathing space.


Folake Olaronke

I wash my vagina regularly. I air it, I don’t sleep with panties on. I clean after a trip to the toilet and I don’t indulge in indiscriminate sex.


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