Nigerians lament difficulties in getting Permanent Voters Card (PVC)

The ongoing registration for Permanent Voters Card (PVC) has witnessed a lot of difficulties that have militated against the exercise. Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to lamented the challenges of obtaining the card, while some are even yet to get theirs.

‘I don’t think the exercise was well planned’ – ESTHER OLABISI

My local government was not even mentioned among those that distributed Permanent Voters Card (PVC), a couple of days back. I don’t know when ours will be distributed. I don’t think the exercise was well planned. A lot of people did not see their voters cards, they had to re-register.

‘They need to extend it’- STEVEN OLUWAFEMI

No, I have not. I didn’t even know when they came to distribute it. They need to extend it. It was not properly planned.

‘I feel the exercise was not well planned’- OYINDAMOLA ATUNDE

No, because when I got to the centre, the queue was too long and the INEC officials were slow in attending to people. I feel the exercise was not well planned. Next time they should provide more equipment at each centre and make sure they are in good working condition.

‘They need more hands’- HABIBAT ASURAMU

Yes, I have. I feel it is a good thing except for the fact that there were too many people registering at a centre with just one laptop.

‘Chances of getting is not that bright’- FOLAKE ADISA

I am yet to collect my voters card. There have been a lot of difficulties in the exercise. Each time I went to the centre, there were a lot of people on the queue and before it got to my turn, they disrupted the whole arrangement.

I learnt some party supporters are trying to ensure their fellow members get the cards first. And they closed at 4pm every day. So, my chances of getting the voter’s card are not bright at all, unless they give us more weeks. Not only that, the exercise should be strictly monitored.

‘It wasn’t an orderly exercise at all’- LOWO ADEGBENJO

Most of us in Agbado area of Ogun state are yet to collect our Permanent Voters Card. We were only issued temporary cards for now. They said they couldn’t find the previous ones we did on the system. So, we had to start all over again. I got mine on Sunday, November 16, 2014, but it wasn’t easy.

I went to the centre four times before I got the temporary card. It wasn’t an orderly exercise at all. There were lots of people who didn’t have any regard for the queue, they would just bring in people from home and mandate the INEC officials to issue the cards to them immediately. So, it’s not an easy thing at all. Now, we’re waiting for the permanent voters’ cards.

‘INEC should hire more adhoc staff for PVC collection’- NATHANIEL OTOROLEHI

Yes, I have collected my PVC. People suffer a lot in the course of collecting their Permanent Voters Card (PVC) or going through the registration exercise. INEC officials handling it are rather insufficient. I think they need more hands.

‘There’re loads of missing names’- OGONNA CHIMA

Yes, I have collected my PVC. There are numerous cases of missing names in my area. Something should be done about it.

‘They can do better’- NURUDEEN LAMINA

No, I haven’t done it. The registration period was short for me to do it. My advice to INEC, although, they are doing a nice job, they can do better. They should extend the period of registration in order not to disenfranchise eligible Nigerians.

‘There is need for extension of date’- ISSAC OGUNTOLU

Yes, I have done it. I collected my PVC at Surulere, Lagos state. With it, I am qualified to participate in the 2015 elections.

There are so many areas INEC needs to improve on. First, the period of the exercise was short; hence, many people didn’t collect their PVC. There is need for extension of date. In doing this, INEC should provide enough facilities for its officials.



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