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Presh gets N15 million Infiniti jeep, latest Toyota Lancruiser

-Confirms juicy contract with label

‘God has remembered me’

PRECIOUS John (Presh), Kcee’s former label mate is back to the music scene after months of hiatus. In his first interview since he went low, Presh of the defunct KCPresh told ENCOMIUM Weekly where he has been and his next move.

The Akwa Ibom born highly talented artiste also shared the good news of his new recording deal with Manny Records being financed by billionaire mogul and MD/CEO, Dilly Motors, Okwudili Umenyiora.

He also talked about his relationship with Kcee, love life and his latest musical effort, Olegelege, among other interesting issues…

presh (3)Where have you been, Presh?

I have been out of the country. I have been in Asia: China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore.  It was a kind of vacation while I also used the opportunity to commence the process of redefining myself and my career.

Before you left the country, you had planned to release series of solo singles, having officially left KCPresh, what really happened?

I released some singles but I needed to study the market to know what people really want.  It got to a point that I had to take a vacation to even know what’s trending outside our shores.

So, what are you up to at the moment?

I have been signed to Eric Manny Records.  It is owned by billionaire businessman and boss of Dilly Motors, Okwudili Umenyiora.

How did your paths cross?

We have been friends for a while.  So, when he offered to sign me on his label, I couldn’t resist it.

What are the terms of your contract?

Because it is a family affair, I wouldn’t be saying much for now.  But trust me, it is a mouth-watering deal, so to speak.

It is being speculated that Eric Manny bought you two posh cars, 2014 Infiniti jeep and 2013 Toyota Landcruiser?

That is true, my brother.  God has remembered me.  When you are signed on to Eric Manny Records, expect nothing but the best.

It has also been said you are receiving some millions from the man of means?

That is also true.  It is a done deal, like they say.

image(2)Of course, you know it’s not all about posh cars and cash but returning all the capital invested on you.  Have you started work?

Yeah, I have recorded a single, Olegelege, that will soon rule the airwaves.  You know where I’m coming from.  So, no dulling. Before the end of this month, you don’t need to be told that Presh is back and better.  I’m in the studio right now, recording songs I’m sure would fly, God being my helper.

Please, tell us about Olegelege.

Olegelege is one beautiful, sweet and sexy song.  Olegelege is Esan world.  It means something beautiful, a beautiful woman.

How do you intend to get the song across to your fans in and outside our shores?

The same way we have been promoting our songs.  Nothing much has changed.  Right now, I have a team, Team Presh.  And they are pushing the brand.  Eric Manny Record is also working with Flytime as our management team.

When are you shooting the video of your new single?

We are shooting next week.  Depending on the theme and choice of location, we might be travelling out for the shoot.

presh1Who produced Olegelege?

It was produced by Black Jezzy, our in-house producer.

What should we expect from the brand new Presh?

My fans should expect good music anyhow you want it, R n’ B, dancehall, pop, hip hop and world music.

We can’t ignore happenstances that trailed your separation as KCPresh.  Were you not at any point worried?

Yes, even when a couple divorce, they feel it at the critical moment.  It’s a natural feeling. In our case, we are still a family. I will love him till death.  He’s my blood brother. I can give up anything for him.

People are still expecting that beautiful day KCPresh would sing together. How long should they wait?

Yeah, it will happen live!

What’s your love live like at the moment?

I’m married to my music, to tell you the truth.

Considering where you are coming from, having spent almost a decade professionally in the industry, what are you most grateful to God as regards your music career?

I’m grateful to God for being part of the music industry that has changed and is contributing to the growth of the national economy.  Nigerian artistes now live like kings.  And no matter how you look at it, I have had a fair share of the ‘largesse’, so to speak.

preshDo you have plans to do collaborations with some of your colleagues in the industry?

Yes, of course.  It is not only with Nigerian artistes but very popular foreign acts.

What’s your relationship with your state governor, Dr. Godswill Akpabio?

That’s my governor. He is the best in Nigeria.  We call him Ekwueme, Talk and Do Governor (laughs).  He is the digital governor.  Akwa Ibom State is blessed with Dr. Akpabio.  You don’t get two of his kind in a generation, to be honest with you.  He is God sent.  At least, he has helped thousands of artistes of Akwa Ibom origin and even none Akwa Ibomites.

God has been good to you, no doubts, what are you giving back?

Though I don’t blow my trumpet, I’m into charity.  We would push it further with scholarship for indigent students.  I also intend to adopt one or two children, though they won’t necessarily live with me.

What’s your wish list?

I wish we are all rich enough to take care of our needs.  I want everybody to be comfortable.  But career wise, I want to be a globally recognized music super star.




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