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The most precious gift my partner gave me

Gifts can melt a stony heart and put smiles on a troubled face. Some gifts are so precious that they are not easily forgotten when we receive them. We spoke with some couples on the most precious gifts

they have ever received from their spouses. Here are their responses…


Makinde Tolulope

My most precious gift was a Bible from my husband. It was my 40th birthday and he presented a Bible to me early that morning. It has remained my most cherished gift. It was a version I had planned to buy, it came right on time.


Azeez Fatima

It was when GSM came newly to Nigeria, it was also the latest product from Motorola, it was worth a fortune. He didn’t have much then but still got me something tangible.


Feyintola Adeniyi

The most precious gift he has given me is putting a ring on my finger. That was the greatest gift I have ever received.


Akanbi Olajide

The best gift was a perfume. It was the regular one I am used to, very lovely fragrance. It eventually became my favourite fragrance thereafter.


Ezekiel Agbo

We were dating when she gave me a wristwatch, set of boxers and singlets. As a student, I never expected she would go that far. Everything was worth N10,000, and I used the wristwatch till I got my first employment.


Chinedu Okonkwo

It was during our Youth Service, I was serving in Edo state while she was in Lagos state. It was my birthday and she sent me a cake. It was so precious to me because of the distance and the lovely message attached to it. I can never forget about it.


Adaora Ekele

I have never bought a bra and panties since I got married, my husband is always on point in getting those items and he ensures they are sexy and bright. I display them proudly when I am with him. My husband is

trying, he gets the perfect size for me always.


Charles Christopher

I got a surprise birthday bash for my 40th birthday. My wife arranged everything without collecting a dime from me. It was one of my happiest days really. I look forward for more of it as I celebrate my birthday yearly. But I have not gotten another since then.


Mrs Nkem Ejiofor

It was my birthday and my husband took the family out for buffet, he also lodged us in the hotel. Howhow I wish I can be celebrating my birthday every day.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun




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