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Why Gold Statue is a must watch – Tade Ogidan

Veteran movie maker, Tade Ogidan is set to release another block buster movie titled; “Gold Statue”. The filming has commenced in earnest with varieties of rich cast and robust story line. The movie is set to break cinema records.

Gold Statue is coming 7 years after the talented movie maker’s last film, “Family on Fire.”

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with him on the inspiration behind the movie and why it took so long to produce another movie


Why did it take so long to come up with another movie?

I really don’t know. The kind of story I do is meant to educate, they are not simple stories. I don’t know how to reason like that. I think in such a way that I put myself in the shoes of the viewers: what would engage them and what they would remember? The kind of story I create comes in that mode. I will think and plan first before launching out.

What kept you busy in the 7 years you were away?

I make TV commercials, documentary. You do different video projects that are fast, fast. It is not about how soon you get these things out there but how well. Those are the type of movies you would love to watch again and again.

Tell us about the movie?

Gold statue is a comedy adventure drama that follows the adventure of two young men Wale (Gabriel Afolayan) and Chike (Kunle Rhemmy) in search of gold statue. The movie centers around how these young men can go to any length to acquire the statue believed to be a deity.

The adventurous movie will take viewers through series of emotions, intrigues, suspense and drama designed for the entire family. It shows the reality of prison life, family issue. It has a lot of history quoted in it. It would be filmed in four locations- Lagos, Ilesha, Dubai, London and would be premiered in key film festivals across the globe.  The movie is collaboration between OGD pictures, Solution Media and Infotech limited.

Tell us about the cast of the movie?

It is a large cast. I haven’t done anything for a while, a lot of people have been approaching me that they have not been part of my movie in a while. So I just brought my friends together, brought young set of actors together, even crew guys, bringing all of them together, driving them in a different mode. It is a fun  cast, they are my friends, we are writing to blow the mind of everyone out there. I have the likes of Shola Shobowale, Ali Baba, Gabriel Afolayan, Kunle Rhemmy, Norbert Young, Kingsley Arole and a host of others.

Now that you are making a feature film, are you back to stay or you would disappear again?

I can’t produce a bunch of movies, it is not practical. The kind of stories I have need you to calm down, do the right thing and those are the things that make whatever movie I make worth it. Somebody else can take those things and make nonsense of it. We believe this one will do well and lead to another movie.

How frequent would it be?

We would see, I can’t tell for now.

How much was budgeted for this movie?

That is a secret but it is huge – housing people, feeding so many people, logistics. We were building cites, we build our cites because I wanted to be able to track area shots.

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