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Evans denies suing Police for N300 million


The craftiest, richest and most dreaded kidnapper, Chukwudumeje Onwuamadike, has again proved how smart he is by distancing himself from the ‘arraign or release me’ and N300 million unlawful detention cases against the Police and its officials.

At the weekend, the 36 year old kingpin maintained he neither spoke to his father nor instructed any lawyer to file cases against the Police.

He told Channels TV at the weekend, “I have no hand in any case filed against the police and I did not speak with any lawyer or my father to file a case on my behalf. All l will say is that they should temper justice with mercy.”

The notorious kidnapper on a decade reign of terror and rage further stated that he preferred being incarcerated to freedom as those he tormented would be after him.

Denouncing his father and the lawyer is a masterstroke in many ways:


  1. The case against him as compiled by the Police is watertight. And his numerous confessions to crime reporters leave him little room to manoeuvre.

With the modern gadgets and Intelligence deployed by the Intelligence Response Team and Technical and Intelligence Unit of the Police over years to nab him, with painstakingly assembled evidence, from victims and gang members, what chance does he have?


  1. There is a warrant to detain him for three months by an Abuja court.

The Police operates within the ambit of the law, and are usually several steps ahead of criminals and those who want to take advantage of the system.

The warrant will be continually renewed until investigations in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa are  concluded.


  1. Seeking forgiveness will get him better treatment in detention and more humane prosecution.

With the Police and prosecution not being hostile, Evans will adjust better in detention. And when his case starts, he may decide to plead guilty and save the time of the courts.



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