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7 things we now know about 17 year old girl who killed her boyfriend

The last has not been heard about the tragedy that happened at Gowon Estate, Egbeda, Lagos state, when 17-year-old girl Hannah Osazuwa send her lover to his early grave with a pair of scissors on Monday, October 16, 2017. brings you things to know about the 17 year old girl.

1. Osazuwa is from Benin, Edo state.

2.Hanna Osazuwa stabbed her lover Tomide Akintoye

3.His tragic death came three days after he wished her girlfriend happy birthday on Facebook.

4.On Saturday Akintoye posted on his timeline and wrote, “sometimes a man needs to die to leave (sic) again.

5.A police source said there was disagreement between them around 8 am and Akintoye assaulted Osazuwa.

6.Then Osazuwa retaliated and stabbed him with a pair of scissors in the chest.

7 The case would be transferred to the Homicide Department for further action.

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