Dencia tackles NAFDAC boss, Paul Orhii again

‘He should arrest Ebola’

Popular artiste and entrepreneur, Dencia was in the news a couple of days back when NAFDAC boss, Paul Orhi threatened to ban Whitenicious in Nigeria. It was rumoured she had travelled for holiday to escape arrest.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with her about this and more…

Dr. Paul Orhii

Dr. Paul Orhii

What is the situation of things as regard the threat from NAFDAC boss?

I said, Dencia will not respond to it or him. He can save the arrest or maybe arrest Ebola or rather save people’s lives. At this moment, Dencia is praying for Africa and hoping something will be done really fast to eradicate Ebola virus. The NAFDAC boss should rally scientists and researchers to find a cure. He would be praised for that because if he stays on Dencia’s case, grass will grow under his legs.

Any further threat?

We have received emails saying we should come and negotiate. Like Barack will say, “America doesn’t negotiate with terrorists”. So, Dencia doesn’t negotiate with corrupt men.

You said you might sue him, have you made a move in that direction?

When Dencia finds time, he might just get served.

Has the threat in any way affected sales?

Actually, sales have increased tremendously. We thank God.

We learnt you are on holiday. The impression in town is that you left for holiday to escape arrest?

Left what town? To what holiday? Whose impression? There’s a difference between reality and impression and I can tell you the Dencia I know is not scared of that man neither will she run. As a matter of fact, she was in Nigeria last weekend for 24 hours for a meeting with a company who wants her to be a brand Ambassador. You can check with the airlines. Please, people should stop running their mouths. They can’t do anything.

Any plan to come to Nigeria despite the threat?

Dencia was in Lagos, Nigeria last weekend and stayed there for 24 hours for a meeting, so where was the warrant and the threat? By the way, in my last message to that man, I said, “How do you arrest an American citizen in America?” If he did his research on Dencia or her product the research will tell him where the business is registered and where Dencia is located.




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