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Dencia lambasts NAFDAC boss over Whitenicious

‘I will sue him if he doesn’t shut up!’

Controversial Cameroonian singer and maker of Whitenicious dark spot remover, Dencia, has hit back at the Director-General of NAFDAC, Dr. Paul Orhii, after the latter declared that the agency is  going to arrest her over her fast-selling cream, Whitenicious, which is alleged to be cancerous.

Dr. Paul Orhii

Dr. Paul Orhii

Dr. Orhii issued the arrest threat at the Nigerian Entertainment Industry Health Insurance Convention, held on Tuesday, July 22, 2014, at the Grand Ballroom of the Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

He said, “There is this Cameroonian singer that has been going around with a cream…if I get her, she’ll be arrested”.

Reacting to the arrest threat to ENCOMIUM Weekly, Dencia, through her rep, Lorenzo, dismissed the threat, arguing that she could sue him for defamation.

She said, “Whitenicious is not a drug neither is it food and as Dencia’s representative, I have never heard of him or an arrest warrant.

“Whitenicious is not made in Nigeria and has no connections with Nigeria. Doesn’t Nigeria have more problems than worry about Dencia?”

Asked specifically if she took the arrest threat seriously, she replied, “How do you arrest a US citizen? African leaders need to focus on Africa and stop joining the bandwagon for fame. When did a dark spot remover cause cancer? He better shut his mouth up before I file a lawsuit against him for defaming my client or her business and he will prove what he said.

“As a law abiding American citizen, you can read about cosmetics and what the FDA requires, so these men who think they know too much should shut up. Whitenicious is a registered Inc. in the USA with a business license and sellers permit. Now permit me to ask you, what is the connection with NAFDAC? I guess like everyone they want the Whitenicious publicity.

“Whitenicious has been in the market for less than seven months and all these vicious lies and attack, someone will pay for it and maybe it will be NAFDAC. In case they didn’t go to a simple law class, you don’t make such comments about anyone and their business because no one has had any cancer like they claim, that is defamation.

“She pushed the Chibok missing girls campaign in the US, what has NAFDAC done for those girls? They should be worried about the drugs they will give the girls for the torture they have been through when they return.”

On whether she can visit Nigeria whenever she wanted, she insisted that she has done no wrong and would freely go anywhere. She said, “Where is Dencia selling the products in Nigeria? Does she have a store there?

Dencia can and will travel to any country in the world, Nigeria inclusive when she wants and no one, I repeat, no one will do anything.

“In fact, we will send the man some Whitenicious for him and his wife because everyone needs Whitenicious.”




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