Dencia admits she has made over a million dollars from Whitenicious

Reprudencia Sonkey, popularly known as Dencia, has a lot up her sleeves. She is an artiste, entrepreneur and even getting ready to set up an orphanage. A lot has been said and written about her cream, Whitenicious since it was introduced. ENCOMIUM Weekly took her up on some of this controversies and much more…


We learnt you made over a million dollars from Whitenicious, how true is it?

Very true. By the time you get this, I will be on the second million.

Rumour had it sometime that Whitenicious was criticized in London Daily Mail, what is your reaction to this?

I don’t react to anything that is putting dollars in my pocket. A lot of my friends said the comments weren’t negative. So, I am good. I don’t care much about what the media says because if I do, it will affect my brain.

We learnt you are planning to set up an orphanage, is it true?

Yes, it’s very true. I will start building this year. It is going to be one of the most amazing things I have ever decided to do in my life.

What inspired the decision to venture into charity?

I have been doing charity all my life. I have helped a lot of people, I just don’t broadcast it. And my orphanage project has been in the works for a few years now, like over five years. I just wasn’t financially ready. But now, I am.

How does it feel that Perez Hilton featured Whitenicious on his programme a couple of days back?

It feels like I made more dollars. It is actually cool, I was surprised when I got off the plane and my friend sent it to me. And before I read it, I expected it to be messy. But surprisingly, it was actually a cool write up. Honestly, I think that is how a write up is done.

dencciaIt was alleged that you paid to get the publicity from Perez Hilton. How true is it?

It is false. The funny thing is, when I launched Whitenicious, I contacted  a couple of blogs, mostly Nigerian blogs, to see the cost of publicity weekly. Blogs like Bella Naija, Stella D, Laila, Miss Petite, Linda Ikeji because I wanted to promote Whitenicious. But before we could even conclude anything, Whitenicious took over the blog sphere. American sites also wrote. Ebony, BET, Gossip, Madame Noire, etc. It just got crazy and I never went back to conclude promo plans with Perez. I didn’t even hit him up at all. I have met him a few times but it never crossed my mind to do such. I read somewhere that he charges $10,000 for a feature and I can’t pay that amount since I can promote it myself. So, I really haven’t paid for anything, Whitenicious is promoting itself and I think it’s going viral because I am an artiste.

How is the response from your clothing business. It was stated that sales will kick off on February 10, 2014?

It hasn’t kicked off. I travelled and couldn’t complete it, but by February 14, it should be up. It will be great because we have so many people who can’t wait. They have been emailing us non-stop.

Why did you decide to sell off duplicates of some of your wears since you are not selling the original worn by you?

I won’t sell anything I wear. I don’t know why but I don’t feel comfortable doing that .A lot of people want what I wear; so, I will just duplicate it.

Where are they manufactured?

In Los Angeles, California, USA.

How will you describe your Grammy experience?

I was at the Grammys. I started attending Grammys since 2009, I just didn’t attend 2012 edition. But this year, my main aim was to be early and hit the red carpet which I did. After that, I watched Beyonce and Jay perform . That was the best for me. The rest was boring, award shows are super boring. I always leave before it ends .I gave my ticket to some fans outside and also my after party ticket to my assistant. For some reason, I get bored easily. I don’t even party like I used to because I have too much work to attend to.

It was alleged that you were not allowed in. Is it true?

Who said these lies? Didn’t you see me on the red carpet? I actually left after Beyonce performed because I went just for red carpet really. Why won’t they allow me when I am a member of the recording academy? A lot of African celebrities attended, they saw me and asked for pictures with me which I never saw online (guess I looked too fab). So, why will they deny me? As a matter of fact, when Beyoncé was performing, Fally Ipupa and his wife were right behind me .I was the only African on the red carpet (I always break the rules). I have attended Grammys and always missed the red carpet. But this time around, I just couldn’t miss it at all.




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