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‘LisaRay McCoy went too far; I’m suing her to protect Whitenicious brand’ –Dencia

Nigerian-Cameroonian pop musician, Dencia has confirmed that she will sue the American actress, LisaRay McCoy for mentioning whitenicious in her anti bleaching campaign movie. The disagreement broke out when LisaRay, in an interview about her new movie Skinned described the danger of skin whitening creams as cancer causing agents.

LisaRay claims she said ‘White-a-licious. Not white-ni-cious.

In an interview with the whitenicious seller, she spoke about her career and other issues.


How was last year for you, the high and lows of the year?

Last year was amazing for me. Everything was all rosy until the passing on of my elder brother. It just ruined everything for me.

Did you meet your target?

My vision was totally met but it all came crashing when my brother, Sonkey Che passed on suddenly. He was the most handsome and kind-hearted person I know. He was one person who always reminded me of how amazing I was, how great I was doing, how smart I was and how proud he was of me.

Should your fans expect a song this year?

Yes, I will be releasing a couple of singles. I am performing at a venue I only dreamed of, as sad as I have been since my brother’s passing this news has just really cheered me up. Performing at Zenith in Paris has always been a dream for me. It’s happening on March 27, 2016 and I can’t wait. It’ll be phenomenal, I think after this show, I’ll be on everyone’s performance list this year.

How is your business, what new product are you showcasing this year?

Business is doing well, just a little bump in the road but nothing is above God. I got a shoe line coming, clothing, male skincare line and more. It’s always something new. I always have something up my sleeves, remember.

Rumours have it that you are in a relationship, is it true?

No, I am not in a relationship unless it’s the one I have with God so, he or she is wrong but I do have a crush on someone. Hopefully it turns into something more than a crush. I won’t tell you who he is. Right now I am just mourning my brother so, maybe when I go for my show in Paris we will turn the crush into something real.

We heard you have decided to sue the American actor who mentioned Whitenicious in her anti bleaching campaign, how true is it?

It is very true. In fact, the lawsuit will be filed next week. I think she went too far, her publicity stunt went too far, her hate and jealousy went too far, it’s just different. I let Lupita’s slide because the things she said weren’t as harmful as what this no lister said. She definitely went too far and I am well armed to teach her a lesson.

What are you suing her for and is there an attached compensation?

Yes, she will be paying me a lot of money by the time I am done with her. Before I wanted just a retraction but now I want more. She is messing with my livelihood, my brand, my money and my hard work. I worked too hard. For this person who is just full of hate to just decide to use my hard work to sell her flop in the name of a movie is not acceptable by me.

Why not let go since she didn’t say anything negative about Whitenicious?

She said it causes cancer. I can’t let that go because that is messing with my money. Down the line, a few years from now it will affect and can ruin my business. Letting go is saying she is right but she is wrong.

Whitenicious doesn’t cause cancer, no ingredient in Whitenicious can cause cancer and that is a verified fact. She is ignorant and I need to make sure more ignorant people don’t come up with more lies. I remember January 18, 2014 when Bossip wrote something similar even though my lawyer made them retract it, this is before I ever shipped out Whitenicious. Some lady sent us an email claiming she bought Whitenicious in 2010 and it caused her cancer. I was amazed. We live in a world where people lie and file frivolous lawsuits and I don’t have time to spend money defending myself so yes, she will get sued and pay for every dollar she has made me lose. You just don’t mess with me because Whitenicious is Dencia and Dencia is Whitenicious.




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