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Dencia set to launch vibrating vagina washing machine -Talks about Whitenicious, red carpet appearances and marriage

‘Why I’m not yet ready to settle down!’

Cameroonian-Nigerian pop star, Reprudencia N. Sonkey, otherwise known as Dencia has picked up from where she left off last year by appearing on major red carpets around the world and turning heads in the process.

She was at the 41st edition of People’s Choice Awards, held on Wednesday, January 7, 2015, at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California, USA, and in her usual fashion, turned many heads as she made her appearance on the red carpet with her outlandish outfit.

The controversial skin lightening, Whitenicious advocate in this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly’s Daniel Fayemi explains why she is on most red carpets around the world, her plans for the new year and much more…

dencia-2014-billboard-music-awards-02How are you doing, Dencia?

I am magnificent, thank you.

How would you describe 2014 as an individual and as a business woman?

I would say 2014 was an astounding year for me in all aspects.

What are your expectations or plans for 2015?

2015 will be a phenomenal year for me. The year had already kicked off really well for me so I expected nothing less.

How is your popular cream, Whitenicious doing at the moment in terms of sales?

In the words of the famous Perez Hilton, “Whitenicious became the beauty industry’s most polarizing product in 2014″.  In 2015, Whitenicious will be one of the most respectable brands in the beauty industry. The beauty industry generates more than $240 billion annually in sales.

We are relatively new comers. In 2014, we sold approximately 200,000 units directly to individuals (end users). Currently, our products are sold exclusively via our website, whitenicious.com. We are now working on global distribution. We have customers across the globe and expect to have a phenomenal year.

Does it sell in Nigeria?

As I stated, Whitenicious is sold worldwide. Nigeria is an important market for us. Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that 77 percent of Nigerian women use some type of skin lightening products. Unfortunately, most products available for sale in Nigeria are not made with safe ingredients or are counterfeit. They include toxins such as mercury, hydroquinone, rhododenol and other unsafe ingredients. Our entire products are made with safe natural ingredients, developed in Switzerland and dermatologist tested. The difference is obvious when you look at our clients (before and after) pictures, compared to users of cheaper and dangerous cosmetic products available in Nigeria and other emerging markets.

Is it true that sales have dropped because it’s a bit expensive and do you consider your products expensive?

That’s inaccurate. We have more than 200,000 happy clients globally in just our first year of business. We started with two products and we now have 11, including soaps, facial cleansers, full body lotions, etc. We are launching more products. I’m particularly excited about a feminine personal hygiene product we are launching. It’s called the vibrating vagina washer. We are making plans to launch it via a crowd funding portal, probably Indiegogo. Look out for that! It’s an innovative personal hygiene product that will make a lot of women and men happy.

We are a US based brand and domestically in the United States we have a growing list of celebrities using our products. Our huge product demand demonstrates that our customers do not compromise their safety. I personally use the products as well and no one has accused me of having bad skin regardless of their negative perceptions.

Despite criticisms from some quarters of your products, people who have used it keep sending testimonies and pictures of positive results to you on social media, how does that make you feel?

I feel great, I feel honoured and I feel like a genius. I am glad I can help so many people deal with issues like hyper pigmentation, dark spots, sunburn, etc. It’s horrible what dark spots can do to a person’s dignity and self-esteem. Dark spots are for leopards, not humans.

There is a huge difference between skin bleaching and skin lightening. The same way some people choose to tan or darken their skin, others choose to lighten their skin or maintain a lighter complexion. It’s a personal choice.  Social media is a great outlet for people to express their views. The criticism does not bother me. Most of them are actually humorous in my opinion.

DenciaWhat should music fans look forward to from Dencia the artiste this year?

I am preparing to release my first single in America but I might end up dropping three singles and videos, one for American TV, one for Africa and one for Europe. That way I just take over and seat on my throne like the queen. I am currently recording with A- list producers and will shock the world with what’s coming from me musically.

Why are you on virtually every red carpet around the world?

They want me, they love me, and they invite me. I am not on every red carpet. I am selective and only participate in events that will get me the international exposure and opportunity to network with movers and shakers in Hollywood and the fashion/beauty world. I am doing red carpet appearances where I can mingle with people I admire and I steal the show. I only attend events that will add value to my career or attention to my charity projects.

Have you found love or are you still without a relationship?

I don’t speak on my personal life. I am happy. You don’t need to know what I am doing with my heart and my vagina unless it has to do with my vibrating vagina wash machine (laughs).

When do you plan to get married?

Currently, I plan making a few billions and a mark in the beauty/fashion/music industry. I can’t plan marriage because that comes with kids and I am not financially ready for the lifestyle I want for my kids. I want to be at a place where my kids won’t fly commercial, my kids can be home schooled, my kids can live on a private island and I am not there yet. My kids will not want anything, if you get my point. I will get there real soon by God’s grace.






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