‘I have sold 30,000 bottles of Whitenicious,’ says Singer, Dencia

AFRICAN pop star, Reprudencia Sonkey, popularly known as Dencia is sure enjoying the fruits of hard work and entrepreneurship.  The fair artiste who is currently producing a spot cleansing cream known as Whitenicious has said she has sold over 30,000 bottles of the cream.

ENCOMIUM Weekly’s finding revealed that Whitenicious is widely accepted by a lot of people and it is selling like hot cake.

Within two months, Dencia claimed she made over a million dollars from the sale of the cream.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with her to substantiate the claim.

Is it true that you have sold up to 7,000 bottles of Whitenicious?

We are at 30,000 containers right now.

How many bottles did you produce at the beginning?

I started with 5,000 bottles.

How much is a bottle of the cream?

It is $70 to $160 (N11,200 to N25,000).

Have you ordered for more to be produced?

Yes, we order weekly.

Is it sold in Nigeria?

We only ship to countries from America.

Does it have NAFDAC registration number?

We produce in the United States, so I don’t think we need that.

The Cameroun born artiste who has been away in the United States for quite a while started her cream, Whitenicious in January 2014, with just 5,000 bottles but said she has sold up to 30,000 bottles.  Despite the fact that the cream has received a lot of criticisms, the cream is still making sales.

Rumour has it that Whitenicious is a bleaching cream, some even claimed it poses a great health risk to its users.

The singer even took to Twitter to reply critics, threatening to sue some if they don’t decline from making negative comments about her cream.



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