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Dencia speaks about her depression – ‘I thought my mother was my sister’


‘I had a hard time coping’

‘No one wanted to talk about it’

Whitenicious queen, Dencia has done well for herself. She has a flourishing business which is one of the most talked about. Her music career is also going steadily. And she is set to release a single, African Energy. ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with her about it and other sundry issues…

denciaIt’s been three years you released a song last, why the long break?

I had personal issues I was dealing with. I went through depression, it was really serious and hard on me. The issues I had then were things I don’t talk about because, it is more like family issues. I was brought up by my grand parent. I thought my grandmother was my mother and my mother was my sister. I never realised their identity until I grew up. It got to a point I wanted to talk about it but no one was willing to talk to me about it. I got so frustrated and fell into depression. I am glad that I was able to get out of it and get back together again.

Now that you are back to music, are you quitting business for music?

No, I took time to build what I call an empire. It was a lot of work for me. Now, my business can go on without me.

Tell us what to expect from you music wise?

I have been working with Nicolas Cuba. I have been doing a lot of vocal training. I think I am at a point where I can say I am a better artist. When you watch my video, you will notice the change. The video has a new flavour of things I never thought I could do. I have grown and still growing as an artist. I think I have more to offer now.

There was a point you were so angered and pissed off, what actually happened then?

There was something that pissed me off then. I was so upset I broke my phone and almost broke the door of my house. Some blogs posted pictures of my house. I never sent those pictures. The pictures are from when the former tenant was in the house (Rock, he is an actor). When I saw the pictures on the internet, I was extremely upset because it brought back the memories of what happened sometimes back. I felt I was no longer safe anymore. If my house was all over the internet, then I was not safe. In 2011, before I moved to Los Angeles, my home was robbed. They practically moved my house. I lost everything. I had to start all over again. I believe they should respect people’s privacy. Anything can happen. There is still racism in Los Angeles.

What inspired your new song African Energy, was it because of the Chibok girls?

I am very vocal about things going on in Africa. I talked about a lot of issues. I believe, we don’t have positive messages sent out musically by a lot of artist. I thought this is the kind of music our continent needs now because it reflects all the positive images. Images of peace in Rwanda, that there is no war again. I have picture of Folorunsho Alakija, the richest woman in Africa. I am trying to show the power and amazing things Africa has.

When the Chibok girls issue started, I sent out messages to a lot of celebrities to arise and talk about it. That was when everybody started talking about it and it gained exposure in the internationally. I think I relate more with the Chibok girls because I went to a boarding school. It could be me or anybody. Those were the things that inspired the song.

Do you intend doing collaboration with any artistes?

To be honest with you, collaboration is extremely difficult. Other artistes will feel they are better than you. I am a very simple person, I don’t over rate or under rate people. I believe we should have respect for one another. We live in a world where people go from nothing to something. If you don’t believe in me when I started, you wouldn’t believe in me when I am at the climax. So, no, I wouldn’t.

Have you ever had a bad experience with any artist as regards that?

I have had bad experiences with some artistes. I have done collaborations and the videos never came out. I don’t know why. I shouldn’t be wasting my money. Most people don’t respect my craft but I am here to fulfill my career. I am working hard to do that. With or without them, I will be fine.

What style of music do you play?

I am an artiste. I am an entertainer. I will not put myself in a box. I want to brand myself as an international artist.

Do you think female competition will be a challenge?

I am my own only competition.

What inspired your costume in your video?

I have been calling myself the queen of Matanba. I was just going for something that befits a queen and royalty. The video was shot in my house and I was having fun.

Why is Dencia not in a relationship?

If a lady has to work 24-7, I don’t think she will have time for that. When the time comes, I will definitely go into a relationship. I will take time off to invest in it as I do take time off for other projects.

How do you feel about all the controversies trailing Whitenicious?

I don’t care. I am making money.

Did Dencia make money through illegal means?

I will never do anything illegal to get rich. I have seen a lot of people go down. I think if I was doing anything illegal, it should have been made public. Everything I have been doing has been public. I made a lot of money from Whitenicious, I mean a lot of money.





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