DENCIA OPENS UP ON AFRICAN ENERGY DRINK, ‘It’s true I am launching it soon’

Whitenicious queen, Dencia came out with her single African Energy a couple of weeks back after taking a long break from her music career. The song is enjoying great number of followership both in Nigeria and Internationally. ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with her about response to her music.

How is your single, African Energy doing out there?

It is doing very well, amazingly well.

What is the reception like in international community?

They love it. They are enjoying it and sending positive comments.

Any positive response from Nigeria as well?

So far so good, I have had nothing but support from over a million people from Facebook to Youtube and more. The love is amazing.

How much did you invest in African Energy, money wise?

That is personal. I will not like to dwell on that. I prefer my fans to continue enjoying the song.

We learnt you are coming up with a drink, African Energy as well. Is it true?

Yes, it is true.

What inspired it?

Life, events, things affecting my beautiful continent.

Tell us more about it. Is it alcoholic and where it will be sold?

It is a non-alcoholic drink. It is a natural energy drink that will help a lot of people.

How are you enjoying your new ride, why did you pimp it pink?

It is like every other ride I have. I adore pink.



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