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Disgust as yahoo boys now eat feces to become richer

The trend of feces eating in Nigeria for money rituals is on the rise. Young men in their early 20s to 30s across the country have resorted to the new fast money trend. 

Recently, a young man from Warri, Delta state, identified as Junior Clement  who was arrested in the act revealed during interrogation that he was instructed by his spiritual consultant to eat feces after which anything he tells his client will happen without delay. The young man who revealed that was his second attempt before his arrest said that the first attempt didn’t yield positive result as he didn’t make the money after eating the feces. So he decided to try another which he’s planning to make $55,000 (over N20 million) from his foreign client. Junior also added that they were about four boys who visited the native doctor (spiritual consultant) to do the juju but the other guys have made it. 

Before Junior’s arrest, residents of the Oyo state communities have reported several cases of feces eating act among young boys in the major city of Ibadan for money rituals. 

How rich are the ‘shit-eaters’, you may want to ask? It’s hard to tell how rich they are. Our findings, however, revealed that most of them are millionaires, living comfortable lives with cars (mostly Tokunbo) and women. 

Encomium Weekly sampled the opinion of the public on this fast money trend among the youths. Many described the act as terrible and disgusting to hear and they can hardly believe such a thing exists for the sake of money. Read their reactions below:


Adeniji Rafiu

This is unbelievable, how would a person eat feces when he is not a pig or dog. Even when they want to eat the feces, why can’t they eat their own instead of someone else’s? Some people are now going too far just because they want to get money. After all, you can easily get money when you work hard but all because of laziness they want fast money. I think the government and parents of those children should do something about the issue.


Lawal faruq

Why would someone eat others’ feces? Those that are doing it are very desperate, even the person that does the ritual for them is very wicked. Would such a person allow his or her children to eat feces? That is just stupid behavior. As a matter of fact, they should not be allowed to live with people. They should just give anyone caught life imprisonment.


Sulaimon Rasheed

I think those guys can do anything just to get money. But that is wickedness. I think the federal government should do something about that.


Benedicta Deke

It’s not a good omen.  One should not be a party to it at all. This is because riches come from God and not man, and as a matter of fact, anything that is not from God will have repercussions. So, I advice youngsters to desist from the act, it is ungodly.


Adeyemo Joke

Had it been the owner of the poo won’t die, I would have said they should continue eating. After all, it’s their mouth. That shows how desperate and lost people are. A dog that will get lost won’t listen to the whistle blowing of the hunter. Those doing that rubbish are only threading their destruction path.


Bagbade  Jumoke

I’ve never heard of that. Not until now, it is very crazy for boys to eat feces for money. But it is their choice as long as it has no effect. But to be sincere, that is insane and weird. I don’t know people can go too far because of money.


– Shukurat Alimi and Soewu Femi for encomium




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