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My growing up influenced my music, says MBRYO

ENCOMIUM Weekly also had a chat with Ruggedman’s artiste, Oghenemene Omofiri, better known as Mbryo. The Special One, as he is fondly called revealed how his growing up influenced his music…


How did you meet Ruggedman?

I met him through a friend of mine. We actually recorded a couple of songs together, and Ruggedy Baba heard one of the songs. He was interested to the see the voice behind the hook. One day, I was fortunate to meet him in a studio. That was the first time I saw Ruggedman. That was two years ago. I was very happy that he chose to work with me, because my parents weren’t supporting my music career. He came to my life at a time my dad chased me out of the house because I wanted to do music. At some point, I was sleeping in the studio, recording and hoping that one day, it will pay-off. By God’s grace, I am finally living my dream.

Why did your dad have problem with your music career?

My dad is an educationist. He believes in education and wants to see all his children get education. Besides, my dad is a pastor and as the first boy, education is very important for me. But I insisted doing music.

Why did you insist?

I believe music is my calling. I started when I was five. I was in the children’s section of our church, doing music. I started learning, improving my vocal delivery, knowing very well that one day, I will make it through music.

You were unveiled by Ruggedman two years ago, but you are yet to drop a major hit, why?

The industry right now is very tough. It is a very competitive industry, especially when you are new like me. This is not an easy journey, even people that have blown are still struggling to retain their dominance. However, I have a hit song right now, Halleluyah, featuring Patoranking. It is doing well on the airwaves, I am very optimistic, my time is coming. My kind of music is different. I believe I am unique, my background of music is sophisticated.

When last did you hear from your dad?

After I left home, I didn’t hear from my dad for two years. Although, my step-mom calls sometimes. But the day he called, he was full of praises, saying my uncle wanted to greet me. I was happy when he blessed me. I am very grateful to God because that rejected boy is now being celebrated. Although, no financial support from him, he’s supporting me spiritually as a man of God.

How about your mom?

I didn’t grow up with my mom. She left my dad when I was five. I still remember that day, I was coming from school when she was leaving. I didn’t know what went wrong between her and my dad. I didn’t see her till 2007/2008, when my grandfather died. She didn’t even recognise me.

How did you handle the situation?

I am trying because there are two sides to the story. What my mom told me is different from what dad narrated. They are adult and I believe they should be able to settle their dispute. Since then, we’ve been cool.

Has your background motivated you to become successful in life?

I guess so because I know how it feels like to be a normal street boy, who doesn’t have enough means to fund his music project. When you wake-up in the morning you’re not sure of the whole day’s meal. Imagine that kind of life. It wasn’t easy.

Your popular song now is Helleluya, am I right to say your background influenced the song?

That is the truth. It is a praise song, a reflection of what I went through. I am thankful to God that I am still alive, that’s why I used that song to narrate my challenges, how God have kept me till date. My life has become an encouragement to the people in my hood. It shows that there is a God in my life, and hopefully, I will go many places.




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