Police warn on the risk of posting personal acquisition on social media

Flaunting of personal belongings on social media is common practice in Nigeria where the craze gets more competitive daily. Some engage in it for show of class, while some see it as nothing but fun.

Most Nigerian entertainers are neck deep in this act by breaking the news of their new acquisitions via their Twitter or Instagram accounts. Some atimes pose with  such items, letting the public know their new status.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with some celebrities on this and they all stated their reasons for engaging in the practice.

But according to a security expert and Lagos State Police Command spokesperson, DSP Joseph Offor, the practice is dangerous and unreasonable as it’s a security risk.

“It’s not advisable for anyone, whether you’re a celebrity or not to post your personal acquisitions on social media. Such a thing is very risky. And those doing that will only end up putting the police on their toes.”


Alex-Okoroji-650x400As an internet publisher who reckons that online is the future as regards media, publishing, broadcasting and networking which is a core area of my craft as a creative artiste, it’s important to join the world in celebrating New Media and connect globally with people around the world …A lot of the content I put up online which are generated from my blog posts, Internet radio shows, live video streamings, webinars and podcasts are influenced by my thoughts, experiences and the vision to inspire others.

I like publishing my creations or creative activities because my biggest purpose in life is to empower others with the thoughts, skills and lessons I have learned the hard way…Without limiting myself geographically. I can reach people all over the world and build a global audience from the click of button, without leaving my location. That’s more than I can say for traditional broadcasting or communication means. Social media has become a great tool to network as well as expand one’s brand globally.

Personally, no! Not a security threat in that sense. I am very careful about leaving location buttons or trackers on (because I am weary about that) apart from online theft in the area of plagiarism (people stealing your write ups or ideas) or a few virus or online hackers trying to break into an account (which isn’t often). So far so good. It’s important to only share what one feels comfortable sharing and won’t jeopardise the security of themselves and their loved ones.



What I post is a combination of both what I feel comfortable with and what I know is not derogatory to my image or brand.

I like what I post because I know it is safe for myself and for everyone else who might come in contact with whatever I have posted.

No, I haven’t. And I hope not to because one can never be too careful. What may not pose a security threat to me may pose for others. So, I am conscious of that.



Toke MakinwaHow I’m feeling, basically, that’s what social media is for. It is to express how you feel. It is a tool to connect with people. I don’t plan my updates. Like I said, it depends on how I’m feeling. My updates revolve around what I do, my work, shows, events, pictures of me, certain places. It’s all fun.

It depends on how you feel, it’s an individual thing. It’s social media, it’s not that serious. People attach too much to things at times. Don’t take social media that serious, it’s a great tool and could really help. But I’m not one to criticise people for showing their stuffs on social media.


mz kissMISS KISS

I think if a celebrity feels that’s cool, he or she should go ahead. Besides, I think it’s a way of thanking the fans for their support and love which brought success. It’s a way of showing what they have achieved with the help of the fans.

Basically, on my social media, I push my brand. My songs, collaborations, my materials and shows, where I’ll be performing. I let my fans know what stations are playing my songs or videos. Currently, I post updates about my collaboration with Falz, entitled Stoopid.


angela 1-Fullscreen capture 9232015 113923 AMANGELA OKORIE

Everyone is entitled to his opinion, you can do what you wish. If a celebrity feels he has to post his belongings, so be it. There’s no one way of doing it. For me, I’m living my life, not for anyone.

My job, basically. My social media posts keep up with what’s happening around my work, my life. I might have a beautiful picture and decide to post or I might have an ugly one and still decide to post it. It’s just me living my life, you know.



I post edifying content and not just any thing. It could be deep or funny. I do that just to share and make somebody’s day. I do that because I think somebody somewhere out there needs to see it. It could encourage, brighten up some one’s day.

I am very security conscious and not flippant.


1-gwen-2GWEN  ELOHO

I post inspirational and motivational updates to connect with my fans, friends and family and consequently inspire them to bring out the best in them because they follow me religiously.

Though it’s show off, but still part of being a celebrity and being respected. Some celebrities have been in the spotlight for the wrong reasons based on their personal possessions or lack of it. Most celebrities see it as an opportunity to let the general public see or know that they’re doing very well.



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