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Spouses recall the day their partners proposed

When a man falls in love, he can go to any length to make his intention known.

Here are responses from ladies and men on how their spouses proposed to them…


Lola Omotosho

We were both in the choir then, I was her choir master. I called her one day that I love her and would love to marry her. Her response was that I don’t know how to go about it. I should meet her pastor and inform him.

I went to her Pastor and I was told to continue praying about it. After a while, I went back to her that we needed to go see my parents. That was it.


Fiyin Awodoyin

We went to the beach while we were courting. We took a photographer with the intention of snapping. We were about to snap when he asked me to close my eyes. By the time I opened them, he was on his knees and he proposed. Love petals were flying all around us and that was it.


Jacob Moni

We went to a restaurant to eat. As I was about putting the pie in my mouth, he held my hands and said I should marry him.


Rukayat Sani

He was based in Abuja then. A cousin of his invited me over for dinner. Since he was in Abuja, I didn’t expect to see him. We were gisting when my guy walked in with a cake and covered my eyes, and he whispered to me that I should complete his Deen.

We Muslims believe that when you get married, you have completed your religion. That is what we call Deen.


Mary Makinde

He proposed to me on the sick bed. He was sick and rushed to the hospital from work. Thank God I was on leave then. A friend of his called to inform me so I went over. I was sleeping in the hospital, he was unconscious for three days. I was there and took care of him. When he woke up, I was the first person he saw and he looked around and he said, I should marry him. I thought it was a joke at first but he insisted. That was it.


Funke Babatunde

We were still in school then. He just told me one day as he was walking me down the hostel that I should marry him. He would say the same thing every day until I said yes to him.


Blessing Edet

We met at work, we were working for the same company. Though he was a senior colleague, we were both in the marketing department. Once we disagree over an issue, he would say, “you will end up in my house very soon.”

That was the usual phrase. We got so close that people started asking if we were seeing each other. One day he just asked me to pick our wedding date and that was it.


Mosun Olowookere

He was one of our clients back then, I am the person that used to attend to him whenever he comes over. He wouldn’t even allow any other person attend to him. My boss just asked him in my presence one day that what was it about me that he can’t keep his eyes off me. He said he wants to marry me. My boss told him he was free and that was it. They were discussing as if I wasn’t around and he became more close thereafter, sends gifts, messages and all that to me every day.


Lovelin Onyechi

He proposed to me in Eden Gardens in Abuja. It was on a Sunday outing alongside his three friends. I never had any idea of what he had in mind. Just for me to open the door to where l was supposed to sit, I saw a ring and I closed the door back. He came out and proposed. I just had to accept unconditionally without saying no.


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