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We are worse off in Buhari’s regime

Despite the fact that recession is officially over, a lot of Nigerians cannot boast of having enjoyed any dividends of Democracy in this regime. Based on this reality, we sampled opinions of Nigerians to know if they are worse or better off during this regime…


Abike Ibrahim

No, I am not better off, the state of the economy is not encouraging for businesses and life in general. All the expenses he is using to travel for medicals is enough to solve our problems. I am not enjoying his regime at all.


Adesoji Adeagbo

No, I am not better off. Money is not circulating, we are just trying to cope, business is slow. You can imagine, I needed just N300wanted to borrow and I couldn’t get someone to borrow me. Imagine me begging for that ridiculous amount, so it has not been easy really.


Ifeanyi Ejiofor

I have not been affected really. I am still a student, my allowances and provisions are still intact. I have not been affected by his regime at all.


Emem Chuks

No, I am not better off. Though I am dependant on my parents and siblings, they would just tell me there is no money anytime I ask for money. If it were before, I don’t need to ask before I would receive more than two or three alerts monthly. This Buhari’s tenure has not favoured me in any way.


Opeyemi Kadiri

There is no season that can be completely favourable. I believe he is trying his best. It has not completely favoured me but we are pushing it.


Damilare Dewunmi

I have achieved a lot of feat during Buhari’s tenure, so I would say it has really been good for me. I have my own house and I have my own business which is doing not bad now.


Taiye Odejobi

No, this regime has not favoured me. There is no money in circulation, things are really tough. There is skyrocketed rise in the prices of commodities, people now live in fear of not being secured. If you are fortunate to eat in the morning, you just have to thank God because a lot of people cannot afford to eat even once.


Rachel Oketimilehin

I am not better off at all. I can still remember the way things were during Jonathan’s regime. No leader is perfect though, things are quite difficult. I hardly get jobs. I am a carpenter, even the ones I get will not want to pay.

I just pray 2019 would come on time so we can vote.


Feyisayo John

I cannot say anybody is enjoying this regime. The masses wouldn’t say that, parents can’t pay school fees, they cannot feed their children daily, things are expensive in the market.


Kayode Ibidapo

I am not better off. When they wanted to get to power, they were clamouring for change. Now the change is here and we now understand what they mean.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for 




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