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Why Twitter is doubling length of tweets to 280 characters

In an effort to help people express themselves better and stay connected with their original tweets, the management of Twitter has made it known that it is testing a new 280 character limit for some users.

The new development became necessary because the 140 character limit was originally established to reflect the length of messages, which was how tweets were distributed prior to the development of mobile apps.

Twitter was prompted to move away from its traditional 140 character tweet limit after realizing how character and word count varied based on different languages. While some 9 percent of tweets sent in English have 140 characters, others just have 0.4 percent of tweets sent in Japanese. As a result, this has posed frustration for people tweeting in English, hence, the move.

The company hopes the move will make it easier for everyone to use the service by enabling fewer tweets run into the character limit and to enable users post longer tweets with which other users can assess so as to enable them be aware of what’s happening.

The new move will also maintain brevity, speed, and essence as compared to what was enjoyed when it was 140 characters limit.

Though the first of its kind in the last 11 years it was founded, Twitter says it will start rolling out the 280 character limit to a small percentage of users as a test and hope it works out as promised.

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