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Task Force, bus drivers clash in Ogba

There was commotion on Joseph Odunlami Street, Ogba (Ikeja, Lagos) earlier today (Wednesday, March 22, 2017) as members of Lagos State Task Force Monitoring and Enforcement and engaged commercial drivers for turning the spot into an illegal park.

The clash almost degenerated as private cars were damaged as the commercial drivers fled.

The task force arrived the scene and started towing away commercial vehicles on the claim that the space was not a bus park or bus stop. While trying to rescue their buses, some of the drivers hit and damaged some private cars belonging to members of the Celestial Church of Christ facing the scene of the clash directly . This prompted the members who came out en mass instating that the vehicles damaged should be fixed before the task force officers could leave.


Here are some accounts by witnesses:


Mrs. Ogunleye

What l noticed is that, this morning when l opened the shop, a woman working  with Lagos state government (Alausa) who lives on this street (Joseph Odunlami) was coming out this morning in her car. But the buses were blocking her gate.

She honked and honked, but the drivers didn’t make away for her. So, l thought within my self that they were looking for trouble. See what has happened now? Some of the drivers have been arrested and locked up in that van. And the church members said the police must fix their cars before things can be settled finally.


Mr. Idowu 

I was just passing by when l saw the task force vehicles arriving, and before we could say jack, some drivers had started driving away their vehicles. They towed away some vehicles and l am very sure the drivers will have to pay fine before those vehicles would be released. Things like this should not be happening in areas like this. What if those drivers didn’t hit people’s cars, what if it’s human beings they hit? It’s not fair.


Mr. Muri Sulemon

I was just passing by when l saw people gathered here and when l asked, they said some drivers hit people’s car while being chased by policemen. I saw the car that was hit myself, it’s down there.


Mr. Ajayi Funsho 

This is where I always take bus to Ishaga and that is why I have come here. But with the situation of things now, I won’t be able to get bus here, I will have to take NAPEP. They said that there is no bus park here but what I want to ask them now is that, are these people (drivers) disturbing anyone’s peace here? This Nigeria Police style is not a good one, I’m sure it’s money they want.


Yinka Robiu

Even if they claim that there is no park here, at least, they should have notified them before now. I don’t think they gave them any notification before attacking them. Who will be responsible for the vehicles that got damaged in the process now? And what is the offence of those that have been arrested?.





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