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This is how much money l need every month to live well

Surviving and living well in the city requires enormous resources. And with a family and many dependents, you need far more. spoke to Lagosians about how much they really need to live well.

And here are their responses…


Petra Makinde (N200,000)

I would need N200,000 per month. I have a car that I have to fuel, I have house rent to pay, I have responsibilities at home too. I am the first child of my parents, I have three siblings to cater for, my aged parents are there too.

I have to also look good as a lady, feeding is also there. The list is endless. I am a nurse and I am 27 years old.


Abibat Bello (N300,000)

I think N300,000 is okay. I need to look good. I make my hair two times a month, I need to change my wardrobe often because of the nature of my work. I am a banker, it is compulsory to dress well always. I have rent to pay, that of my parents and my own, feeding, accessories and a whole lot to pay for.

I am 25 years old and I am a banker.


Olatoro Oyetade (N150,000)

It is incalculable, we cannot estimate it. But on the average, I need N150,000 monthly. It is just to live on average and not allow any frivolous spending. Feeding my family is first on my list, I am a married man with children. Payment of school fees, attend to miscellaneous but essential things, pay all utility bills, attend to extended family issues and unforeseen contingencies.

I am a businessman and I am in my 50s.


Funke Toye (N200,000)

I need about N200,000. And it depends on the level of comfortability you are referring to, I can live a good life with that amount and I can live a better life with something better. I am married with children. I have to cater for my children. Yes, I have a husband but that does not mean I should leave all responsibilities to him alone. I have a car I need to maintain, I have to look good as a woman, making of hair, my makeup and my wardrobe as well. I am a civil servant and 41 years old.


Bilikis Suleiman (N150,000)

I am still a student, I am not yet married. My parents are still alive, I have three siblings to cater for. Besides the fact that I am a student, I am also a designer. I am the one sponsoring my siblings and taking care of my parents with the money I make from designing. I have to pay our rent, pay my school fees, and so on. I am 26 years old.


Simi Olaniyan (N100,000)

I think N100,000 should be okay in a month. I am a married woman, I have two children. I am a hairdresser. I have to support my husband in catering for the house, I have to take care of my children too. I have to save out of it and invest some in my business.

I am 34 years old.


Chibuzo Nonso (N250,000)

I can’t quantify the amount I need but it must not be less than N250,000 monthly. I am a family man, I have children and a wife to take care of, I have to drop feeding allowance, school fees, house rent, clothing, medicals, utility bills, my extended family and that of my wife is there, in fact, if I can get more than that amount I would be more comfortable.

I am a trader and I am 49 years.


Emmanuel Eden (N200,000)

I don’t think one can quantify it really. As a family man, one should think of N200,000 per month. Feeding your family, rent, school fees. We used to have two cars but because of recession, we sold one. I need to maintain that one, utility bills are there as well.

I am an Engineer with a construction company and I am 42 years.


Gabriel Abel (N120,000)

I work as a vulcanizer married with two kids. In a month, if I should see 120,000 or 150,000 I think it will be able to solve some of my problems like the foodstuff, children’s needs. My wife is a businesswoman and I need money to boost her shop and myself I need to buy some tyres to help my business and much more.


Omolara Matthew (N500,000)

I am a hairstylist blessed with two kids. I am a married woman. To make myself okay in a month I will need at least N500,000 because I need to rent a shop, buy my children somethings they need like, clothes, shoes, book etc. I have siblings and parent that I need to take good care of them.


Lawal G. Olamilekan (N200,000)

Social Developer and Digital Psychologist, Single.

At least N200,000. Some part of the money would be used to invest into the lives of people through building their capacity to be able to generate a source of income no matter how little it is thereby reducing the poverty level in our community. The rest would be used to keep up both family and personal expenses.


Adebayo Roqiyat (N250,000)

I am a single mother of three, working as a teacher. I need N250,000 to be okay in a month. In terms of foodstuff, home utility (NEPA Bill, LAWMA, etc). I need to buy myself makeup, make my hair, and buy clothes. I can’t mention all but if I see the amount I will be okay.


Afolabi Lukmon (N60,000)

I am single, graduate looking for job but if l have N60,000 in a month to take care of myself and my family I will be okay a little bit before I would finally get a job.


Olufunke Ayorinde (N230,000)

I am a fashion designer. I am married. I will need up to N230,000 to make myself happy in a month because I have a family to cater for like foodstuff, shelter, house utility, fuel my car and I will need to give my parent money every month.


Mekam Chinazo (N300,000)

I am married, and a furniture maker.  I will need N300,000 in a month to feed my family, to pay some house bill, fuel me and my wife’s cars, shelter. I have siblings living with me, and I give them pocket money every month because they might need things to buy.


Babalola Olateju (N150,000)

I am single and into art and craft. I need N150,000 to take good care of myself, my parents and my siblings. I need to buy myself food items, clothes, give my parents and siblings money to feed themselves.


Olajide Damola (N200,000)

Occupation: electrician. I am married but I don’t have actual amount but if I see N200,000  I think with that I will be able to full fill my needs.


Okikiola Damilola (N400,000)

Single mother and banker.

I need 400,000 to feed the family, buy clothes, pay house bills, make my hair, fuel my car and buy my soap, cream etc.


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