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Actor Bigval Jokotoye over the moon on the birth of his daughter

Bigval Jokotoye is enveloped in the euphoria of fatherhood. The handsome role interpreter has joined the league of celebrities who had their babies in America. The actor and his wife Adetokunbo welcomed their first child, a baby girl, on July 3, 2017.

ENCOMIUM Weekly got Bigval Jokotoye to comment on the new buddle of joy. 


How does it feel to be a father?

Being a father is a joyful thing. I feel great, I feel happy.

What is the name of your baby?

The baby is Bowofoluwa Jasmine Jokotoye.

What is new on your stable?

I am working and also going through a 6 months training in Movie Production at Community Media Access Collaborative (CMAC) in the city of Fresno, California.

What  do you think will change as a father?

I am still myself as a father, the only change here is my availability for my family.  I’m more homely now, I love being around my family.  So I have to shuttle between here and Nigeria.

How would you juggle fatherhood and career?

Like I said earlier,  I will spend few months in Nigeria building my career and few months here building my family.

How does your wife feel being a mother?

She got the same feeling like me, I am sure you know the joy of a mother, right? She is filled with joy.

What memorable experience did she share with you concerning the birth of the baby?

We shared every memory of the birth together, she wouldn’t let the doctor do anything until the normal protocol was broken. They had to bring me in to calm her down. I saw the baby first before her, I cut the umbilical cord. It was a great experience.




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