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Kelly Wilson launches music album, ‘My Life’

The music industry has been waxing stronger on a daily basis, many individuals are jostling to be part of the moving train. Kelechi Wilson (a.k.a. Kelly Wilson) is not left out among artists to watch out for in the industry. He launched his music album “My Life” a couple of days back, was at the event and later spoke with Kelly Wilson.

Can we meet you?

My name is Kelly Wilson, born Kelechi Nnamdi Wilson. I am from Ikwerre in River State, a graduate of Business Administration/Management from Lagos State Polytechnic. I am a Singer and Songwriter.

Is this your first release?

Yes it is my first album but not my first musical release. I have released a couple of songs way back. And also done some videos too.

Is it an audio or video album?

It is an audio album not a video. But some of the songs in the album have their videos on air. We are working on two videos right now, they will soon hit your screens. Lovely videos and lovely concepts that will wow my fans.

What is the title of your Album?

The title of the album is My Life?, it is an eleven track album. Stocked with good music for maximum enjoyment for lovers of good music… It is truly an album to listen  to, because it is packed  with great sounds.

What next, after this?

This album (My Life) would be on all digital stores. And we are warming up for my tour (My Life Album Tour). My team and I are bringing the great sounds to your neighbourhoods. I am also working on some videos too, after which, I would be having some collaborations with Naija’s finest musicians.

How long have you been doing music?

Kelly Wilson has been in the music industry for a while now. I used to be a leader of a musical group called MEMOREEZ (Making Effective Music On Real Emotional Energizing Zeal) way back then. Group of 3 guys (Kelly Wilson, E Snow and Lex Savor)…

What informed the name “My life?

The album “My Life” has no features. It is all of Kelly Wilson in life… I didn’t want to  feature any artist in my first album .The album is  titled My Life”  because it simply reveals how music is Life to me. And how my whole world revolves round it.

Are you single or married?

I am single and not in any relationship, just focusing on my Music.

Who are your role models?

My role model is and has been 2Baba… He inspires me a lot.

Have you been signed to any label record?

I am not signed to any record label yet. Just doing my thing and I have been shouldering the cost all alone.

How do you intend to finance your music career to the next level?

God has been faithful in all. And he will definitely do it for me.

What advice do you have for upcoming artist?

My advice to upcoming artiste is that they shouldn’t give up on their dreams. They should work hard and never relent. They should not be discouraged no matter what befalls them. They should always put God first in whatever they do. #prayer is the key o.

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