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Meet 31 year old Sebastian Kurz of People’s Party of Austria everyone is excited about

31 year old Sebastian Kurz intend to become Europe’s youngest leader in the world after Austria election success. The young man has been on the job since May this year but in less than six months, he has already caused a movement, and he has become so popular and likely candidate by the Austrian people.
Encomium. ng brings you all you should know about the 31 year old Sebastian Kurz of peoples party.

*He was born August 27, 1986, in Vienna, Austria.

*He completed the Obligatory multi-service in 2011, then he decided to suspend his law studies at the University of Vienna to pursue a political career.

*Mr Kurz is not married and is currently dating Susanne Their, a worker at Austria’s finance ministry who he met at the age of 18.

*Since 2013, he became Europe’s youngest foreign minister at the age of 27.

*In 2009 Kurz was elected chairman of the youth branch of the Austrian People’s Party.

*Between 2010 and 2011 he was a member of Vienna’s city council, where he focused on generational fairness and ensuring pensions.

*In April 2011 he was appointed to the newly created post of state secretary for integration party of the ministry of the interior.

*In 2013 general election, Kurz was elected as a member of Parliament winning the most direct votes of any member Parliament in the election.

*In 2015, Kurz proposed a new Islamgesetz (Islam law) prohibiting the funding of mosques by entities from abroad, paying Imam salaries and regulating the version of the Quran that may be used in Austria.

*In December 2013 he became the country’s foreign minister.

*In May 2017 he became the chairman of the Austrian People’s Party (OVP).

* The OVP has fared somewhat better in the polls since Mr Kurz took over, overtaking the far-right FPO and topping Sunday’s election.

*According to the legislative election that took place on October 15, 2017. Kurz has become the most likely politician to become the next chancellor of Austria as the leader of the largest party.

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