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Nigerians frown at the outrageous N3 billion per annum salary of senators

With the pay of senators in the country amounting to N29 million per month and totaled N3 billion per annum with allowances (as Prof. Itsey Sagay revealed) and considering the current state of the country, it seems ugly to the ear as to who made such arrangement. It can be boldly said that no worker in Nigeria enjoys such entitlement. Aside the main salaries, senators are entitled to other benefits, such as allowances, ranging from accommodation to as little as newspaper allowance. This, in recent time, has generated a lot of heat from the public, but these senators seem unshakable as no amendment has been made on the statement of salaries and allowances earned by Nigeria’s senators. sampled opinions of Nigerians on what their take is on the outrageous salaries earned by senators in Nigeria. . . 


Mr. Badmus Akinola

I mean, the pay is just too much! They are the cause why Nigeria’s economy will never bounce back. How can a senator with a conscience be smiling every month with that pay, yet a common man like me is still drinking garri as meal. Their salary should be reduced.


Mrs. Glory Nmeje

I think it is damn too much, they should cut down their pay and invest it in the country’s economy and we would be out of this recession. It is just too unfortunate that nobody can do anything about it. They should cut down their salaries to at least N500,000 per month because some of them are just warming the bench for their family members to come and continue from where they stopped.


Tony Agera

That’s selfish interest in the highest order. Their pay should be reviewed and fully addressed because that is where the country’s resources are being stocked. We are toiling day and night to make ends meet, yet things are still very difficult. But someone is somewhere smiling home with wads of cash every month, for what he can not account for. Their salary should be reduced to at least  N1 million per month.


Mr. Moses Ekpo

They are the looters in this country, hiding under the aegis of legislature. They should be made to account for what they do monthly, so we can know if they are worth the money. That’s too much, it should just be cut down and the money should be used to fund other projects in the country.


Chidimma Obasi

First and foremost, I would blame those that agreed on their entitlements. They are the cause of the current hardship in the country today. Their surname should be termed ‘looters’, they should just breakdown their pay because it is not going down well with us.


Mr. Lawal

The problem is that, we are not feeling their impact. We don’t know what they are doing to earn such a huge sum of money. Somebody like me, my pay for a year is not up to N27 million, somebody is smiling home with for a month. Something has to be done as fast as possible. Their pay should be duly cut down to the barest minimum and the balance used to help Nigeria’s economy. We are lacking behind.


Mr. Joseph Opeyemi

They should cut down their pay to at least N10 million and the rest of the money be directed to other infrastructure in the country. They are just too self-centered, who would believed there is recession in the country with the senators’ pay? There should be a body to regulate how and why people are paid.


Adesina Michael

They are selfish and they are the number one corrupt people in the country. We have so many abandoned projects in the country, yet someone is there receiving salary of N29 million naira a month. Though, if we talk from now till tomorrow, nothing will be done but our concern is that, they should cut down their salaries and channel the remaining balance to help the economy. The masses are crying of hunger, yet they are unattended to.


Kayode Babatunde

I don’t really blame them for receiving such a huge amount per month but my question is that, who are the people that set up such privilege for senators? They should sit down on a round table and devise means of reducing that pay. I mean it’s damn too much.


Mrs. Funke Adio

They are to be blamed for the economy’s hardship we are undergoing. How can such amount be going into the account of a senator every month, yet no good thing is coming out of the country. Their salaries should actually be reduced because the economy’s mess will never be solved just like that. The other part of the money should be used to solve other needs in the country. There is poverty in the land.


– Chika Okorie for




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