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Tush Clothings unveils 2017 collection

Tush Clothings unveiled 2017 collection on Sunday May 28, 2017 at the Radisson Blu Hotel, on Ozumba Mbadiwe Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.
The collection which has a handful of male wears come in colourful and various designs. The event which had in attendance fashion lovers was co-hosted by actress and media personality, Nancy Isime alongside, Boma.
ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with the brain behind Tush clothing himself on what inspired the season’s collection and he has this to say.

What informed the name Tush Clothings?
I like people to look very ‘tush’ and classy. So, I just thought about the name, Tush, making it easy to pronounce. When it comes to fashion, when you say tush, everyone understands. It’s about being classy.
When and how did you start making clothes?
It’s close to 7 years now. I started 2009, but officially, in 2010.
How has the going been?
Nothing is easy in life anyway. Whatever you want to do, whatever your plan to achieve, put you mind to it and work hard to achieve it. It’s not been easy, what we are actually moving. The more risk I take, the easier it becomes.
Have you been unveiling season’s collection every year?
I have been doing it, but I have not been doing an event. I just decided to do an event this year.
With the displayed clothes, it seems you specialise in men’s wear. Why is that?
I do male and female wears, but basically more of men. That’s because it’s my own line, I am a man and I feel I can categorically get what every man wants. I do a couple of female wears too, I don’t do the skirt and blouse. I decided to do corporate.
How do you get your designs?
I get my designs anywhere. I get them on the streets. I might see something, gaze at it and decide to do a piece from what I’ve seen. I get my styles from what I see that is unique.
What made you choose fashion designing, were you at any point a tailor?
I was never a tailor, I was even working when I decided to go into fashion designing. I just like to look good and make people look good too. So I just thought about it that instead of just looking good alone, why can’t I make other people look good too? Adding value so I can extract a value and be making money.
Who is your role model?
I have a lot of people who inspire me. But the person who inspires you might not be giving you exactly what you like sometimes. I see so many people who are doing very good designs. If I see someone who is not a big designer but he does something good, I will appreciate the person’s job. And from there, I can think of something else for myself. I appreciate good, I am not about the brand. Whenever and wherever I see good work, be it a small or big designer, I appreciate it.
How would you describe 2017 collection?
The 2017 collection, is it’s just about sophistication and simplicity.
You said you do female wears too, do you have them in this collection?
Yes, we have female wears, just two designs are available today.
What are your expectations?
I expect to see something unique, I expect to see creativity, I expect to see something new.
Can we meet you sir?
My name is Sunday Ezitendu Isaac. I am the creative director of Tush Clothings.




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