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Welcome to the future: Here are 6 features of driverless cars

Driverless cars, otherwise known as self-driven automobiles, are set to be released soon, as manufacturers such  as Tesla, Audi and Nissan, Ford and more, perfect them to be safer and far less expensive. brings you the features of driverless cars which will revolutionise the future of mankind…

1. Cameras are mounted on the car.

2. There’s at least one engineer who will be checking all the system are working correctly.

3. It will have manual override button so that the engineer can take control at any time.

4. All the current autonomous cars features like conventional steering wheel, gearbox and pedals set up as you would find it in a regular car, will be eliminated. All you need to do is just simply climb aboard, set your destination and let the electronics do the rest.

5. The aim is for the cars to drive entirely on their own. But a human driver will be present to also take over control if needed.

6. The cars must obey all driving laws and limits:
Cars must be fitted with an event data recorded or black box to be able to easily analyse an accident in case the worst should happen.

– Shukurat Alimi for



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