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Will you give TStv a trial?

The Telecom Satellite TV Africa that is coming into Nigeria has elicited different reactions from pay TV subscribers. The decoder will be officially available for purchase and subscription from October 1, 2017.

 The decoder has free 20 gigabytes data bundle and Wi-Fi. It is also coming with 200 channels, web camera for video calls and 500GB internal storage.

With all these new things, the decoder is giving out to its customers, sought opinions of Nigerians on if they will give TStv a trial…


Orisawale Wakilat

Why not? I think they have more to offer Nigerians, and their subscription is affordable and it will be a competition among other decoders. I think l will give them a trial.


Ajibola Jumoke

Yes, I will give it a trial because they are still new and I want to know may be it will be good using the new decoder  or maybe it is the same method with the other decoders.


Adejo Grace

No, I am okay with my DStv. I think the DStv has more to offer than the TStv. I don’t opt for new trend. They don’t freak me.


Tolulope Ogidan

Yes, because there is always a first time to everything. Who knows they might just have something different and unique to offer.


Wahab Anifat

Yes, I will give them trial, to know what they have for us and whether it is going to be better than the other decoder.


Mr Adeola Ademola

No, I cannot give them trial because DStv already works out for my business. I don’t want to change to another decoder to spoil a whole thing for me.


Mr Agu

No, Cable television is not clothes that one can be changing to.  What is new that they want to offer. Aside first hand news and movies which we can only get on DStv, GOtv  and the rest that we have in our homes now. Except if they would force down  subscription prices of the rest.


Oluwafemi Seyi

Yes, because of the price, pay as you go and is N5000. I have read about it online and ready to give it a trail


– Shukurat Alimi for encomium



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