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Would you marry beneath your class and status? – women speak….

The popular saying that love is blind seems not to be on the agenda of most women nowadays, as some of them do not even care about going after men younger than themselves because they are not ready to go for any man below their status or class. What most women fancy these days is enormous care from their spouses, which have necessitated the quest for settling down with men that are financially buoyant, who can foot their bills even till death do them part. sampled the opinions of few ladies to find out if they can settle for less? Below are their responses:


Amaechi Mary-Linda

It is unheard of. Can Buhari’s daughter marry a Carpenter’s son? Personally, I won’t take it. I have suffered a lot to achieve what I am today. I cannot settle down with a man below my class. I need someone above me, so we can only get better.


Lilian Ajike

If truly I am in love with him and we understand each other, I wouldn’t mind his background. What happens when he is far above your class and there is no peace in the home? I better settle down with a man I think I would enjoy a happy home with not minding his status.


Sylva Ekene

I think I can settle down with him only if we there is love and understanding, I wouldn’t mind. Even if he is below my status and class I can get married to him, because my parents struggled together to achieve a better life and as such, I think me and him can equally work out things for the betterment of our future.


Abike Olaniyi

I don’t think I can marry below my class after struggling to survive and I would have to still continue the struggle till I die? I can never try it. He has to be financially ok than I do before I will even say yes to him.


Linda Okeke

I cannot marry someone I am financially buoyant than because I would definitely become the head of the house and not him. If I must marry, he must be far above me in all endeavours. I cannot settle for less. I need a man that can take very good care of me and not me taking care of him. Never!


Aruma Mabel

The fact is that I can never settle with somebody that is not in any way my class, if he is below my status, ahead I am moving. I cannot even give it a trial because at the end you end up financing every need in the home despite you have a husband. I cannot.


Yinka Adewale

Marrying someone below one’s status or class was done in the olden days and not now anymore. We ladies need someone that could at least if not for anything meet your most needs. Me being poor cannot give in to a pauper. That’s my own opinion.


Kemi Ayo

I can marry him and if we could work together in agreement, I think we will achieve a lot than seeing myself as a high class marrying a low class. I can marry him once he is meek and lowly. That’s all.


Tosin Opeyemi

How on earth will I marry someone beneath my class and status? I never came from a well to do family, therefore am suppose to bring home somebody better than I do and not a person worse off. I mean it doesn’t sound alrite to the ear. I would never try it.


Happiness Aruenyi

I won’t settle down with any man below my status for any reason. He has to put in more efforts to be able to meet my class if actually he wants me. I can’t settle with someone am more than financially, it is not done this days.


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