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Are young ladies abusing drugs more than men?

The abuse of drugs is harmful with its effects ranging from respiratory problems to brain disorder. Despite the aftermath of abusing drugs, women are just as likely as men to become addicted. sampled opinions of few Nigerians on who abuses drugs the more between ladies and the men.

Here are their responses. . .


Uket Eno

Men are most addicted due to their free life nature. No one can order them around. They go to places they want to, hangouts, joints whenever the urge comes, unlike ladies, except the guys takes dem out.


Franka Abiodun

Men are the highest abusers of drugs because most of the time they abuse the drugs openly. It is on rare occasions you see ladies taking drugs. Men are just the ones that abuse drugs more.


Petra Ken

No. Ladies are not the highest abusers of drugs, men abuse more than ladies. The ladies are more cautious, men consume them more.


Jeffrey Ayomide

Cultural norms. It is just the truth, the men abuse these drugs more often than ladies. it’s only in the city you find girls abuse drugs. It’s significantly less in the town and villages.



Majority of ladies love taking self-medication without the doctors prescription. But the truth is that men are the highest abusers of drugs. We see them on a daily basis in the bar or in the streets, they are not even ashamed, they do it openly.


Philips Badmus

The men have higher rates of use or dependence on illicit drugs. When u see a girl inhaling codeine or cocaine, she is undergoing a trauma, either sexual or physical abuse.


Grace Enewa

You and I know that the men take these drugs more often than ladies. Though am not saying the ladies do not inhale them but the truth remains that, the men abuse drugs openly than ladies.


Femi Adeoye

Both the ladies and men do drugs. But oftentimes you find out that people lay blames on men alone but if you go out you see that most ladies use drugs than we men take them.



The men are the lovers of drugs. It is no news anymore, you can see them all over the streets taking them. But it very rare you see ladies who do drugs.


Abayomi Tolani

Oftentimes the men are the highest abusers of drugs but I believe why ladies go into it is because of peer pressure and influential relationship. From all indications, the men are usually addicted but ladies you see taking drugs are those one faced with anxiety or are depressed.


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