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Delay in sales of TStv decoders worry Nigerians

The Pay-TV service which was officially unveiled October 1, was expected to start by Nigerians but the delay in sales of the decoders has raised a lot of doubts. This is because, despite being launched, the decoders are nowhere to buy, even accredited dealers were told to wait endlessly. sampled the reactions of some Nigerians:


Faruk Abdul

I am surprised. I have not seen the decoder. The last time I checked, I was asked to come back the following week but up till now, I don’t think it is out on sale.


Miriam Garji

I saw a banner that was displayed along Ikeja axis about the sale of the decoder but I don’t think it is out. I have not seen it yet.


Chinedu Paul

I am not happy with the outcome, despite we were promised that it will be available starting from October 1, it is nowhere to be found. Maybe those in charge are yet to come up with it. I don’t understand.


Favour Okezie

I know it will be like this. The very first day they started it was as if they wanted to supersede DSTV. They have deceived a lot of people, where are they now?


Mr. Akin

No decoder, no transmission or whatsoever anywhere. After all said nothing could be done. They just raised our hope and dash them just like that. I am not in any way pleased with their failed promises.


Damilola Onigbinde

TSTV are rogue. After getting 3 months tax break from the federal government, where are they? They gave Nigerians hope and promises and they couldn’t keep up their promises.


Emenike Madu

Where is TSTV? Yes, that’s the question on the lips of everyone. How can they give such promise and they failed to deliver them duly as promised. They almost cause a rift between DStv and themselves claiming to come up with more better channels than DStv.


Blessing Igho

Though they promised the decoder will be available October 1, but we haven’t seen any sign yet. I just believe maybe they are seriously working on them to give a better channels than the previous decoders within our reach. Am not bothered, they should release it anytime they deem fit.


Lawal Sunday

The TStv officials know that they would not be in operation and they allowed the federal government to relieve them of three months tax-free. I just hope they are still much available despite the failed promises.


Bola Opeyemi

I have not heard about TSTV ever since it was launched earlier this month. Maybe they are still working on it. Maybe what they came out with at first didn’t meet up to they standard they had wanted for it. I believe they would come up soon.


– Chika Okorie for




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