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Here are the foreign hospitals stealing kidneys

Following the rising cases of illegal organ harvesting and transplanting by some foreign hospitals, the federal government has notified Nigerians who undergo surgery abroad to be at alert so as not to fall victims to foreign hospitals involved in illegally removing patients organs and transferring them to another person for the sole aim of making money. The recent development prompted the letter signed by the director of hospital services, Wapada Balami, instructing the president of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) Mike Ogirima, to ensure that Nigerians were duly informed of the dangers involved in undergoing surgeries abroad.
Meanwhile, 41 suspects have been arraigned for illegal organ harvesting.
In the letter, some of the private hospitals which have been charged in Egypt for organ trafficking include:
1. Dar al-Shefa in Helwan Cairo
2. Al-Bashar Specialist Hospital in Faisal Giza
3. Al-Amal Centre for General Surgery in Mauritenya Giza
4. Dar Ibn Al-Nafis Hospital, Giza

However, Nigerians have been advised to be cautious while embarking on any medical trip in other countries.
– Chika Okorie



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