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Mixed reactions trail alleged protest over Buhari’s return

A pressure group, Concerned Nigerians, on Monday said it was prepared to carry out its earlier threat to embark on a nationwide protest and occupy the National Assembly as from August 7, should President

Muhammadu Buhari fails to resume work as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The aggrieved youths are already set to stage their protest.

Some people spoke with reacted to the issue and here are their responses…


Ilori Mariam

I don’t think there is any need for protest, someone is sick and the doctor said if he deems fit, he will return. So we should just be patient. Nigerians need to be patient, he is an old man and he’s trying his best. We should not pray for his downfall. Pray for his recovery. At least, the Acting President has really been trying. All we need is patience.


Adeoye Funke

What is the essence of their protest, is that the next thing for us? Instead of them to be praying for his full recovery and should be patient with him so that he can get better and come back to take his duty.


Badmosi Joy

I don’t think they know what they are doing because what is their concern about his failure to return after two weeks. The man needs a very long time to treat himself. After all, there is someone working in his absence.


Shoteye Jamiu

I am not in support of that kind of protest, after all he is not there to play. He went for his health issue. So we should leave him, so that he can get better and lead this country to a better level.


Esther Lawal

What is the need of the protest? Are they themselves not tired of the all scenario? They should just forget about the President’s condition, come what may, we are still surviving.


Mr. Kolawole

I am not in any way in support of that protest, they should just pray for his speedy recovery and not planning to do what will cause a great havoc to the country.


Mr. Emmanuel

Yes, they should carry on with the protest because Buhari’s health is failing him and as a matter of concern, they have been giving us fake dates for his return. He should just quit and vacate the seat.


Madam Lizzy

They should carry go with the protest. Buhari needs to be dragged out of the office. He has failed in all his dealings. He should resign immediately, we are tired of his failed promises.






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