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More details emerge as 52 year old who raped his 15 year old daughter for 3 year

There is more twist to the story of a 52 year old retired civil servant, Paul Akpederi, who has been having carnal knowledge of his biological daughter for over 3 years after he divorced her mother. The man is not finding things easy at the moment as nemesis has actually caught up with him. brings you more details about the whole scenario:

– Mr. Paul Akpederi is an indigene of Delta state.

– He resides in Adegbite street, Ori-Okuta, in the Ikorodu area of Lagos state.

– He took custody of their only daughter, Rose, when his marriage broke down.

– He was alleged to have raped his 15 year old daughter, Rose, for over three years.

– Paul started sexually abusing Rose when she was barely 12 years old in Junior Secondary School three (JSS 3).

– When the illicit act got to the knowledge of her teacher Rose confided in, the teacher reported the secret to Rose’s pastor who later summoned Mr. Paul but he allegedly changed her daughter’s school.

– The suspect was said to have continued the abuse until she got to Senior Secondary School two (SS 2) in her new school.

– Rose’s former teacher luckily ran into her sometimes in October 2017 and told a friend about Rose’s plight who then alerted the Lagos state office of the Public Defender through the agency’s social media platform.

– Officials of the agency reported the case to the police at the Owutu division, who then arrested Mr. Akpederi and rescued Rose.

– The suspect at first, aggressively denied anything happened because Rose was trying to pretend all was well but when Rose was taken to the OPD’s office at Ikorodu, she opened up to an officer.

– Paul who had initially boasted became humble when he was confronted with his daughter’s confession.

– While Rose have been placed on medication, Mr. Paul have since been arrested and will be duly prosecuted in no distant time.

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