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Why we rock natural hair – Ladies reveal the beauty of simplicity

Gone are those days when ladies on natural (virgin) hair were seen and addressed as uncivilized and local set of human beings. The reverse is the case, as ladies now gallantly flaunt their different shades and style of natural hair without extensions or relaxers.

It is the latest and trending style for most ladies as some of them asserted that it makes them look simple, smarter and sexier, while others admitted they are just showing the beauty of a true African woman as being original. ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled opinions of some ladies with natural hair on why they prefers celebrating their short, sexy and natural hair against extensions and relaxed hair…



I just prefer looking different from other ladies. My new look gives me joy because it just makes me look simple and smarter. It is the latest now and any lady who is not in line is just faking it.



I just like anything good on me. Natural hair is the best and I will like to use this medium to advice ladies to go for it. We shouldn’t let our culture die down just like that, with the silly excuses of imitating the whites. We should all come back home.



I prefer going natural because formally when I was using relaxer, it weakened my hair and cut down almost half of it. Ever since I decided to carry on my new look, it has been growing non stop and very thick.



I decided to go natural because I will not want to be left out. It is the latest fashion trend now. You looking natural is the best as it shows who you really are, and not just faking yourself with all sorts of attachments to your hair. Kudos to teamnatural.



As you can see, it makes me look sexier. I like the trend because I can tint and freestyle my hair anytime I want. I just like being natural, that’s all.



I like anything that makes me look good. I prefer to go natural because it makes me look smarter than extensions. It is the latest trend now, I bet you look around you will see these ladies with natural hair look good more than those with extensions.



I am an African woman and I need to show it by my outfits. The look makes me feel good. I just love being natural and realistic, I look more beautiful on this than when I’m on extensions. At first when it started trending, I never wished to go natural but at a point I decided to give it a trial and I’m enjoying it as well.



When my friend switched to keeping natural look, I scolded her but at a time I noticed it was working out fine and I decided to join the trend. Being natural is just the best. It makes you look just simple and smarter. Unlike the damage relaxed hair will do to your hair, natural hair will just be shiny and looking much healthier.



I just prefer to go on natural hair because they are just good. When I was keeping relaxed hair, my hair stopped growing and it started breaking. But when I decided to go on this look, my hair is now growing from strength to strength (laughs).



The fact is, natural hair keeps me going. I don’t experience the normal breakage my relaxed hair used to undergo. I can now maintain my new looks with happiness, because my natural hair makes me look smarter and simple. Though it is still short, I believe with time it will shoot up.

Though beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, whatsoever a lady is going for, she should try and maintain her hair to look good at all time.






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