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Here are the most popular cigarettes among youths

Smoking cigarette is a common habit among some youths. One may wonder why most people prefer a certain brand? The truth is that, the packaging, design and flavour, as well as the feeling from puffing of a brand appeal to these youths, hence, the popularity. sought the opinions of some young adults to find out the most popular cigarette among youths.


Ferdinand Ikechukwu

I go for Rothmans because it is popular and cheap. For a single stick, I get it for N15 to N30, while a pack is from N200 to N350.


Ibekwe Emmanuel

I do with Benson & Hedges because I grew up to love it. I sometimes smoke St. Moritz but I prefer Benson the most.


Dele Oyeleke

I like Marlboro because it is everywhere and affordable. With less than N50, I can go with it for a day. Though there is nothing wrong with the likes of St. Moritz, Dunhill, or Rothmans but I just prefer Marlboro.


Nwachukwu David

I like Benson & Hedges because it is the most common and popular cigarette I have known. It is less expensive too, with just N15 you can get a stick.


Oyiga Ejike

We have a lot of cigarette that I know like Marlboro, Benson & Hedges, St. Moritz, White London, they are too numerous to mention. I don’t select, once I reach the store, I do away with any available one.


Umukoro Christopher

I am not addicted to smoking cigarette but when I  am angry I try it a little. I ask for Doncaster or Benson & Hedges, anytime any day.


Mr. Akin

I prefer smoking Benson & Hedges. I don’t really know why but maybe that’s the most available one that is closer to me. But we also have popular ones like Dunhill, Goldflake, Doncaster, Marlboro, Parliament, Camel, White London and a host of others.


Godwin Kudaku

I just love Marlboro because of the design but if it’s not within my reach at the time I needed it, I just go with the most available one, either Rothmans or St. Moritz. I believe there is nothing wrong with the others but I haven’t tasted any apart from the three I just mentioned.


Asadu Jeremiah

Though there are so many cigarettes I have come across but Benson & Hedges, St. Moritz appeals to me the most. I don’t really have any specific reasons that drive me to it but I cannot do without both.


Ayodele Tolani

I am not selective. Once I enter a shop or a superstore, I just demand for any available one within the range of N200 to N250 but the ones I have come across are, Doncaster, Rothmans, Benson, Marlboro, St. Moritz, Camel, Lucky Strike and a lot of others.


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